Monday, August 27, 2007

Playing with Daddy

Cory and Bethany love to play a lot. :) Cory discovered that Bethany likes to dance in front of the mirror. We discovered very shortly after she was born, that she was a vain little thing...always looking in the mirror. But little did we know we had our own Ginger Rogers here!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Very Own Chair!

Now that I can hold my head up better, I can sit down like any other human baby!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Playing Around

Cory and I have been doing a great job at not working so much after school. We are spending more time with Bethany. Some work things are just going to have to wait. Here Bethany is sitting on my belly. She thought it was hilarious. She squealed really loud and had a gigantic smile across her face the whole time (that is until the camera came out...she gets a deer in headlights look when a camera is around lately!).

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tantalizing Tummy Time

Look at what I can do! I can lift my head up while I am playing on my tummy. This lil' play mat is great. It has a wonderful mirror that I love staring it. It is pretty amazing to always find a gorgeous baby smiling back at me while I stare into the mirror!

I also like playing on my back so I can check out what is going on around me better.
Someone has to keep an eye on my know how crazy those 2 kids can be!

Monday, August 13, 2007

First Day of School!

Just chillin' and waiting for the folks to finally get ready for work.
Man they take a long time to get out the door!

Here we are all ready to go for the first day of school! I can't believe we start school so early. I remember back in the day when school started the day after labor day. Cory and I will both be teaching at the same school this year. So that is pretty exciting. Cory is teaching 7th grade Comm. Arts and I will be teaching 7th grade science. We are on different teams, of course; but it is really nice to be in the same building. Too bad Bethany can't be in the same building as us. Now, that would be something!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

"Talking" to Daddy!

Bethany has become quite the conversationalist!
She is always finding something intelligent and interesting to talk about with us!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

1st Day at the Sitters!

I had my first day at the sitter's today. All went well. Although, I do believe it was a little hard on my mommy to leave me all day long. I think she is going to miss our cuddle times and cooing times we like to have. Perhaps, she will assign less homework in order to be able to spend more time with me in the evenings!

Busy Bees!

Sorry it has been a week since we last posted. Life is finally picking back up!
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the Milles family headed to our school to set up our classrooms. Bethany did a great job at the school. She took naps and was a good girl while awake. Our classrooms are basically set up and ready to go. We have a few little things still to do.

Thursday was our 4th anniversary. The day started by us working on our classrooms. Then we celebrated by having "Two-fers" at Texas Roadhouse. It was yummy. To end our celebrations we had a romantic evening of cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry, washing dishes and bathing babies!

This weekend was pretty uneventful until our air conditioner decided to die on us. Some wire did something or another that resulted in a melting of a wire and disabling of the unit. We had the a/c guy come out Monday and fix it for us. Now it is running beautifully!

Tuesday was Bethany's 2 month birthday! We celebrated this occasion by giving her 4 shots at the doctor's office. She got 2 shots in each thigh, poor kid! All her measurements were taken. Here are her latest stats: 10 lbs 8 oz and 22 3/4 inches!
Here are some pictures for the last week:

Learning to play with some toys.

We always enjoy our lil' goo's beautiful smile.

On our way to our doctor appointment.

All sweet and innocent!