Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Driveway Bible Basics

What could she be doing? It looks as if she is coloring blue, lots and lots of blue.

What's that she just drew? That couldn't be a penguin, could it?

Ah...I am beginning to see now....

She and her awesome Mama are drawing some Bible stories. 

What an awesome lil' girl, who requests to draw an Apple Tree.
Then that branches out (pun intended) to become the story of Adam and Eve....complete with an extra long "bad" snake that goes all the way down the drive way.

Once Adam and Eve's story met her satisfaction, she wanted Noah represented.
Then it was her favorite lil' Bible Baby....Moses!

The only thing cooler than drawing the Bible stories with her were hearing her renditions of the stories. She loves to point out at how mad God was at Adam and Eve. Then she talks about how the snake was a bad guy.  According to Bethany, the snake was such a bad guy that he didn't belong on Noah's boat. you didn't know that one.  But man, I can't blame her for excluding snakes.  Just think at how much better the world would be without snakes.  Noah should've totally left them behind!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bethany Takes on the Pledges

Bethany is certainly learning a lot in preschool. The other night she grabs Owen's bible and start saying the Pledge to the Bible. Then she segways into the Pledge of Alligiance. It turns out she knows these two and there is the Pledge to the Christian Flag, which she doesn't quite have down.  Really after looking up the words, who can blame her.  I had no clue she was learning these pledges. She knew them better than some of my students.  I was pretty impress at just how much information this little brain of hers can store.  I decided to capture the pledges Bethany-style.

Man, did that put a smile on your face? She is just too adorable. You gotta love the way she says "Indivisible."

Seriously. She. Is. Adorable.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Don't Cha

Don't cha wish a quick snuggle with your blankie would make your troubles go away?  
It always seems to work for him....perhaps we all need to give it a try!

Monday, September 20, 2010

I love my kids!

I just love who these two wee ones are becoming.  They are such little people. Not the Little People who pop in and out so conveniently in their plastic cars.  But these guys are real people, just the miniature variety.

Bethany is such a smart cookie. She loves her school and loves learning. She has such a great memory.  She is a bit shy; while she likes to try new activities and do new things, she is still a little hesitant at first.  I have noticed a new lil aspect to her personality emerging. She is a little instigator.  While she isn't a terrible risk taker, she does not mind, at all encouraging lil' Owen's inappropriate behavior. 

Owen is a bit different from the rest of us. A side from the obvious physical difference of the ear-to-ear scar, I am thinking that Owen is becoming a little social butterfly.  I think he missed the Memo saying we are people that typically keep to ourselves.  Seriously, think about it,  Cory is pretty reserved and a homebody. I am pretty reserved and not too terribly social. Bethany is demonstrating behaviors that sort of align to Cory's and my reservations toward being too overly social at various activities and events. But this Owen.  He is different.  The person he is becoming is a lil socialite.   He doesn't mine grabbing someone else's hand at church and showing them around or going up to a person he's met only once and asking for "up". 

Who is this kid?

I am not quite sure exactly who he will become......but I am loving watching these become the little people that they were meant to be. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

2 Months Sans-craniosynostosis

Craniosynostosis @ two months later. 

Here is Owen right before his surgery:

Here is Owen, exactly two months post-operation.
He is even wearing the same exact shirt. I love that shirt!

Front view before:

Front View @ 2 months w/ an added piece of grass above his lip:

Don't ya see the difference?  He is just so scrumptious, I tell you!

I tried to take a couple of pictures to show his scar. But have you tried to take a picture of a active 16 month old? This kid is busy.  He doesn't have time to be pestered w/ pictures of his scar.  He has way better things to do.  But here is the best shot I was able to get:
One his left side, it seems that the scar is pretty disguised by his hair.
I don't have a picture of his right side....I think that his scar on that side is more noticeable as it is brighter red color and shines through his hair.

His top view is pretty wicked. Look at the zig-zag way the hair is growing back. It is kinda funny.  There are a few spots where hair isn't growing yet so it is still pretty obvious that someone went all Frankenstein on Owen's head.

Owen's hair is finally all one length, as he just had another hair cut this week. That should be his last hair cut for a while.  We are going to let his hair grow out and get all skater-boy on us.  I hear the ladies like shaggy hair.  This will be great because it should hid his scar better than this buzz cut.

So keep coming back as Owen's lil' head goes from all
Arnold Schwarzenegger-like to more Zac Effron-like.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boy and his Bible

Meet the Boy.

This Boy loves his Bible.  It is by far his favorite book!

He loves flipping through and reading all about
Noah, Joseph, Moses, Jonah and Jesus.

Sometimes he even likes giving them kisses,
especially Baby Moses and Baby Jesus.

He'll just sit and flip and start babbling to himself.

But, man, there is nothing any cuter than a boy

and his love for the Bible.

Friday, September 10, 2010

3, 3, 3

As of today our little Bee is 3 years, 3 months and 3 days old.

How's she doing, you are wondering?

Well, she is Dora-licious,

Bible verse-reciting,

letter recognizing,

Japanese counting,

turkey sandwich eating

twirling and collapsing type of girl.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Too Long...

Man, it has been too long between posts. What has it been? A week and a half....See, a week and a half in the blogging world is probably equivalent to a year.  I really do try to update more often than that. But right now I am struggling to stay afloat with being a working mama again.  Notice I don't even care about being a relaxed, well-rested working mama.  Just being a working mama is enough for now.

So if you've been wondering what we've been up too since we last spoke corresponded, I am here to serve.

Well, we've been to a couple of parks. The kids really enjoy getting out.  They loved Suson Park. Owen has seemed to form a special relationship with the chickens.  He really, really seemed to be in tune with the lil' cluckers.

He even sat down several times to engage in some bird-brained conversations with the chickens.

Bethany was totally engrossed with the pig's poop and focused on it far longer than any animal around.

Bethany and Owen both stuck their heads through the little holes of the randomly painted background. I wonder the origins of these things. Really, who decided to paint a picture on large piece of wood and then say, "Hey! Let's drill holes in this here picture and poke our heads through."  Just seems weird. But Bethany insisted on doing it and we don't like letting our girl down.

We rounded out our time at the park with much "needed" time on the playground.  They both seemed to master the equipment and had a blast.

It was a blast visiting Suson Park.  I think I am going to challenge ourselves to visit all the Missouri and St. Louis County parks in the St. Louis area. This park had so much to offer and we could've spent a lot more time there if it weren't for our rumbly tummies.  I will keep the blog up-to-date with our Parking adventures and hopefully we will be able to knock out quite a few different parks around the area in no time!