Thursday, September 9, 2010

Too Long...

Man, it has been too long between posts. What has it been? A week and a half....See, a week and a half in the blogging world is probably equivalent to a year.  I really do try to update more often than that. But right now I am struggling to stay afloat with being a working mama again.  Notice I don't even care about being a relaxed, well-rested working mama.  Just being a working mama is enough for now.

So if you've been wondering what we've been up too since we last spoke corresponded, I am here to serve.

Well, we've been to a couple of parks. The kids really enjoy getting out.  They loved Suson Park. Owen has seemed to form a special relationship with the chickens.  He really, really seemed to be in tune with the lil' cluckers.

He even sat down several times to engage in some bird-brained conversations with the chickens.

Bethany was totally engrossed with the pig's poop and focused on it far longer than any animal around.

Bethany and Owen both stuck their heads through the little holes of the randomly painted background. I wonder the origins of these things. Really, who decided to paint a picture on large piece of wood and then say, "Hey! Let's drill holes in this here picture and poke our heads through."  Just seems weird. But Bethany insisted on doing it and we don't like letting our girl down.

We rounded out our time at the park with much "needed" time on the playground.  They both seemed to master the equipment and had a blast.

It was a blast visiting Suson Park.  I think I am going to challenge ourselves to visit all the Missouri and St. Louis County parks in the St. Louis area. This park had so much to offer and we could've spent a lot more time there if it weren't for our rumbly tummies.  I will keep the blog up-to-date with our Parking adventures and hopefully we will be able to knock out quite a few different parks around the area in no time!


KatolinFamily said...

Just want to say that you guys have two really beautiful kiddos!