Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Driveway Bible Basics

What could she be doing? It looks as if she is coloring blue, lots and lots of blue.

What's that she just drew? That couldn't be a penguin, could it?

Ah...I am beginning to see now....

She and her awesome Mama are drawing some Bible stories. 

What an awesome lil' girl, who requests to draw an Apple Tree.
Then that branches out (pun intended) to become the story of Adam and Eve....complete with an extra long "bad" snake that goes all the way down the drive way.

Once Adam and Eve's story met her satisfaction, she wanted Noah represented.
Then it was her favorite lil' Bible Baby....Moses!

The only thing cooler than drawing the Bible stories with her were hearing her renditions of the stories. She loves to point out at how mad God was at Adam and Eve. Then she talks about how the snake was a bad guy.  According to Bethany, the snake was such a bad guy that he didn't belong on Noah's boat. you didn't know that one.  But man, I can't blame her for excluding snakes.  Just think at how much better the world would be without snakes.  Noah should've totally left them behind!