Saturday, March 26, 2011

Unique Dadda

The other day I read something on Facebook that made me sad.  A friend's husband wrote something along the lines of "Wife and Kid free this weekend! Here's to being a Bachelor." Then friends responded as they tend to do. One of the responses said something like, "...unfortunately I do have my son this weekend." 

Man! How does that resonate with you?  With me, it makes me feel so sad for the wives and children of those guys. Why would any man be happy to be away from the love of his life and away from his own flesh and blood.

I am so absolutely blessed to have Cory.  God must have known something I didn't when he was playing lil' match maker wait...nearly ten years ago.  He knew I needed a man that would be an active dad. A dad who knew how to change diapers, prepare favorite meals, give baths, do laundry and be true partner to me.  Cory is such a wonderful dad to these two lil' boogers.  I don't think I have ever heard him say anything in regards to being grateful that we aren't around. He actually hates being away from us all.  Perhaps Cory isn't like the normal guy. Okay. Actually, that isn't any new. Cory isn't your typical guy. 
And because of that I love him more than words can say.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I guess there are times in a child's life where they are totally done playing with their toys.  In instances such as those, a child is forced to improvise.

When I saw Owen sneaking into the pantry, I knew it only meant one thing--trouble.

 But then he goes waddling out w/ the large box of Pringles and starts stacking them.

He is a bit over excited about his new found playthings and as long as I didn't have to clean up a 1000 meshed up didn't bother me one bit! :O)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Every Princess Needs

So what does every princess need?

Well, besides a prince.  Or a couple of frogs to kiss.

Every princess needs a castle to call her own, of course!

This lil' princess has been wanting her room redone since her lil' brothers was finished over Winter Break.   After thinking a couple of months of what to do & working on the creative juices, we decided Spring Break would be the best time to do something.   With her new obsession being Tinker Bell and Princesses, this was a perfect fit!

I think it went over real well!  The only thing she was hesitant about is the new location of her bed. Now, she can't peep out in the hall to spy on us after she's gone to bed.
Perhaps that was done on purpose....but we'd never tell her!

Monday, March 21, 2011

A fit in elastic shoes

 Don't you hate it when you are trying to have a Class A tantrum...

a grand ole shoe-flinging fit but...
you can't...

manage to kick off your new shoe w/ the elastic backing.

Yeah...that just ticks him off 10 x's more than usual!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Doing it Ourselves

We are certainly DIY types of people when it comes to somethings.  Laying floors...nope that isn't for us. We'll pay someone to do that. But to cut hair. Yup. We can handle that ourselves.   And in all honesty, the kids are way better behaved and sit so much stiller when I do it.

See Owen Before...

Owen After...

Bethany Before...

Hmm...looks like I forgot to take a Bethany after.
What can I say. I can't do it all--cut hair, change kids, cut hair, clean up oodles and oodles of hair and get pictures of BOTH kids afterwards.  I am not wonder woman, after all!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Sometimes what Momma is eatting is better than what they are served.
Even if it is just a bowl of cereal.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Author in our Midst!

We have an author in our midst.  Cory has written three (well, four) books now.  This week, Cory received a proof copy of the third-draft of  "Light & Dark" in the mail.

Having read all his books, I've got to say "Light & Dark" is the best one yet.  I really think this one has great potential in being picked up by an agent & getting published sometime soon.  This is the second book he is making available to our students. Man, it is amazing to see him get students so enthusiastic to read and provide real, timely feedback.   I am just so proud of him for not only writing hundreds of pages of amazing plot twists and surprises; but I am proud of Cory for once he puts his mind to something, he sticks to it & produces quality work!

If Border's weren't closing...I'd bet good money saying he would've been on their shelves in the next five years!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Showing Off Owen's Brains

Our lil' man is certainly growing up.  A couple months ago, Cory and I noticed Owen pointing to letters in his book and identifying them correctly.  At first, we both thought it was just a coincidence. But after a week or two, we realized Owen was really learning his letters at a young 18 months.

Now, Owen is 22 or so months and he knows nearly all of his letters. There are a few that still trips him up (J, A, W, R, P).  However...he will point to W if asked, he just can't say it. For "P" he will just say "pah", the sound it makes. "A", he insists, is N. He's pretty adamant about that. Perhaps he knows something that I don't.

Here is Owen showing off his brains. He started off w/ his animal puzzle--doing great w/ putting the pieces in the proper place and then doing the animal sounds. We won't say the animals names...but he will almost always do the sound. You just gotta know how to interpret what he's saying!

Now, isn't his rendition of Cock-a-doodle-doo just too cute?!?!