Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Somehow it is already time for Halloween! Seems like it was just yesterday we were lathered in sunscreen hanging out near the sprinklers and under the shadiest tree!!!

We had a fantastic Halloween! It was the first one we didn't have a sick or hurt baby on our hands! ;-) Let me tell you: a sick/hurt baby has a way of ruining the fun!

Although, Owen wasn't quite sure why we were transforming his sister from a cute lil girl to a cuddly, roaring, tail-swing, dino-head avoiding Dinosaur!

Bethany practices saying, "Roar!!!" As to be expected, Bethany has no desire or intentions of wearing the dinosaur head. We tried all the typical tricks....but...sigh...that little girl has a mind of her own. She only wanted the Dinosaur Tail...No Head!!!
Owen's turn to try on his chili pepper. I was so super excited to dress him up as a chili pepper. I bought this costume last fall when I was just a few months along. Little did I know that a costume that says it fits a 0-9 month old wouldn't fit our lil' chubbers! What a stuffed pepper...the poor thing couldn't be more uncomfortable looking! On to Plan B....Bethany's old tiger costume!
What an unlikely couple...a dinosaur and tiger!
Bethany got to join a pair of dice, a pilot, a firefighter, a pirate, a princess, Robin, a witch, a soldier and Elvis on her first trick-or-treating extravaganza!! She was totally intrigued by all of the commotion!

Finally working up the nerve to go to a door without Mom by her side.Neither Elvis nor a dinosaur may be around anymore...but they sure somehow made a fantastic duo around the neighborhood!Of course, they aren't no dummies. If there shall be a wagon, they shall ride!
What a fantastic Halloween! Bethany thoroughly enjoyed herself and she finally broke the spell of Ole Hallow's Eve!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Painting pumpkins

no knives here...just paint... brushes...


and a hard-working, focused 2 year-old!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Time!

What else does one do on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in October besides to pick pumpkins!

Bethany was super excited to get to pick out her first pumpkin at a pumpkin patch. I am sure Owen would've been excited too if, you know, he was interested in things other than drooling, pooping and babbling to himself. But he's not...which explains the nonexpressive facial expressions.

Out in the pumpkin patch, searching and searching for the best pumpkin out there!

It didn't take Bethany long to find the perfect pumpkin. She did have minor reservations with the dirt on pumpkin, but after being reassured that it will be ok...she did settle for this pumpkin here. Although, it was as she said heavy!
My lil' pumpkins posing with their lil' pumpkins.

Bethany also had to show off her rock that she found. I think she was almost more proud of that rock that she was of our pumpkins! :) Now it is time to get decorating!!! We'll keep you posted with their progress!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Say Goodbye!


Our lil' boy isn't so little anymore. So say goodbye to our lil' wobbly newborn Owen.

Say "hello" to our sturdy big boy. I don't know how he mangaged to already emerged into this full-fledged baby boy.

When did this happen?

Lately, he has working on his sitting-up skills.
He isn't too bad if: (A) his sister isn't around to push him down; (B) he isn't distracted with people moving around him: & (C) he has a toy to help keep him focused.

Bethany isn't too bad with him. It just seems there are times when she is sure he needs to be laying back down. The problem is she isn't the most gentle thing out there when she tries to reposition him to his back. It is more like a powerful push on his chest that causes him to flop backwards! The poor lad! However, there are a few times where she doesn't mind him sitting up with her. There are even times when she lets him play with her toys.

Wanna know what else makes our baby move into the "full-fledge baby" category in life? Well, it's all gotta do with this seemingly sweet smile of this may be one of his last toothless pictures he's gonna have for a long, long time.

It appears that there are 2 little teeth working their way up through his bottoms gums. Those lil' suckers are so close to actually emerging! If you look carefully you can see them hidding behind that thin layer of skin!!! Owen has been pretty tough so far with this teething process, granted, no teeth are actually poking through yet...but so far he is toughing it out rather impressively!

It is hard to believe that he's been here over 5 months now and that he is no longer my newborn boy. He is becoming such a big boy so fast.
I really need to figure out a way to prevent either one of them from getting much bigger.
I love them being little and really want them to stay my little babies as long as possible. If I figure something out, I will let you all know; but, until them I will just continue on cherishing ever second I have with them.

Friday, October 16, 2009

How to cure H1N1?

So it turns out our lil' girl has got Type A influenza. Which, from what I've heard, 98% of all Type A is H1N1. Bethany had a little fever Tuesday. She was better Wednesday and Thursday. But when we picked her up from the sitter's today she definitely wasn't herself.

Well...after a vomit-fest and trip to the doctor's office that included a Q-tip shoved nasally clear to her brain and several songs sung in the waiting room, she tested positive for Type A flu! wanna see the secret cure that made Bethany better?

Yup! A blue-tongue produced by her first dum-dum. Life can't get much sweeter than this! :)
Other than the dum-dum, the dr. also gave Bethany a couple of prescriptions and even Owen a prescription for preventative measures. We are now trying to keep both of the babes as far apart as we can. A sick toddler is one thing. But we definitely don't want a sick infant! We'll be saying our prayers that Bethany has a speed recovery and that our lil' man doesn't get it!!! If you plan on talking to the Big Man above, feel free to give him a shout out on our behalf! :)
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Simple Things...

Have you taken time to really appreciate the small things.

I mean the really small, simple things in your life...that really aren't anything spectacular or out of the ordinary.

These babies of mine have really taught me to enjoy the simple things.

Like the trying to take the five-month-old's picture while he was smiling...but whenever the flash comes on he quickly loses that know...that sort of small simple thing?

Like the getting a self-portrait with your two adorable babies piled in your lap?
Like the simplicity of your two babies laying side-by-side watching Elmo!

And the amazing sight of the two of them holding hands for a fleeting moment!

Like the sight of the two of them playing so well together and being all around happy and healthy people?

How about enjoying that simple, innocent smile of your one and only son?

Have you really taken time to just soak it all in and thank your lucky stars for being apart of something else....something bigger than just You?
I have....and I will continue to for the rest of my day! :-)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Finally Interacting!

Not only is having a child an amazing blessing, but having two children has proven to be a wonderful experience so far. Not only do I find it a major blessing to have 2 children...but I just love the way they love each other. It is so fulfilling to watch them play and "talk" to each other. I can already see that they truly love each other

It has been a ton of fun watching the two of the playing, since Owen has finally gotten to the point where he is starting to interact with Bethany.

Here a pictures of them playing together.
Owen just loves the attention and having Bethany playing with him. He especially enjoys it when he isn't being poked, sat on, fed toys or any other invasion of his personal space!

Finally he retaliates by pulling his sister's hair!

Today Bethany decided Owen was sick and needed to see Dr. Rozin. She, of course, was Dr. Rozin. Poor guy.

Guess his ears checked out ok.
This poor face says to me, "Really, Mom, you are going to let her do this stuff to me?"

Listening to Owen's heartbeat.
She's such a great little doctor!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tumbling Bethany!

Bethany's newly discovered talent....