Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Time!

What else does one do on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in October besides to pick pumpkins!

Bethany was super excited to get to pick out her first pumpkin at a pumpkin patch. I am sure Owen would've been excited too if, you know, he was interested in things other than drooling, pooping and babbling to himself. But he's not...which explains the nonexpressive facial expressions.

Out in the pumpkin patch, searching and searching for the best pumpkin out there!

It didn't take Bethany long to find the perfect pumpkin. She did have minor reservations with the dirt on pumpkin, but after being reassured that it will be ok...she did settle for this pumpkin here. Although, it was as she said heavy!
My lil' pumpkins posing with their lil' pumpkins.

Bethany also had to show off her rock that she found. I think she was almost more proud of that rock that she was of our pumpkins! :) Now it is time to get decorating!!! We'll keep you posted with their progress!