Saturday, October 10, 2009

Simple Things...

Have you taken time to really appreciate the small things.

I mean the really small, simple things in your life...that really aren't anything spectacular or out of the ordinary.

These babies of mine have really taught me to enjoy the simple things.

Like the trying to take the five-month-old's picture while he was smiling...but whenever the flash comes on he quickly loses that know...that sort of small simple thing?

Like the getting a self-portrait with your two adorable babies piled in your lap?
Like the simplicity of your two babies laying side-by-side watching Elmo!

And the amazing sight of the two of them holding hands for a fleeting moment!

Like the sight of the two of them playing so well together and being all around happy and healthy people?

How about enjoying that simple, innocent smile of your one and only son?

Have you really taken time to just soak it all in and thank your lucky stars for being apart of something else....something bigger than just You?
I have....and I will continue to for the rest of my day! :-)