Thursday, October 22, 2009

Say Goodbye!


Our lil' boy isn't so little anymore. So say goodbye to our lil' wobbly newborn Owen.

Say "hello" to our sturdy big boy. I don't know how he mangaged to already emerged into this full-fledged baby boy.

When did this happen?

Lately, he has working on his sitting-up skills.
He isn't too bad if: (A) his sister isn't around to push him down; (B) he isn't distracted with people moving around him: & (C) he has a toy to help keep him focused.

Bethany isn't too bad with him. It just seems there are times when she is sure he needs to be laying back down. The problem is she isn't the most gentle thing out there when she tries to reposition him to his back. It is more like a powerful push on his chest that causes him to flop backwards! The poor lad! However, there are a few times where she doesn't mind him sitting up with her. There are even times when she lets him play with her toys.

Wanna know what else makes our baby move into the "full-fledge baby" category in life? Well, it's all gotta do with this seemingly sweet smile of this may be one of his last toothless pictures he's gonna have for a long, long time.

It appears that there are 2 little teeth working their way up through his bottoms gums. Those lil' suckers are so close to actually emerging! If you look carefully you can see them hidding behind that thin layer of skin!!! Owen has been pretty tough so far with this teething process, granted, no teeth are actually poking through yet...but so far he is toughing it out rather impressively!

It is hard to believe that he's been here over 5 months now and that he is no longer my newborn boy. He is becoming such a big boy so fast.
I really need to figure out a way to prevent either one of them from getting much bigger.
I love them being little and really want them to stay my little babies as long as possible. If I figure something out, I will let you all know; but, until them I will just continue on cherishing ever second I have with them.