Friday, October 16, 2009

How to cure H1N1?

So it turns out our lil' girl has got Type A influenza. Which, from what I've heard, 98% of all Type A is H1N1. Bethany had a little fever Tuesday. She was better Wednesday and Thursday. But when we picked her up from the sitter's today she definitely wasn't herself.

Well...after a vomit-fest and trip to the doctor's office that included a Q-tip shoved nasally clear to her brain and several songs sung in the waiting room, she tested positive for Type A flu! wanna see the secret cure that made Bethany better?

Yup! A blue-tongue produced by her first dum-dum. Life can't get much sweeter than this! :)
Other than the dum-dum, the dr. also gave Bethany a couple of prescriptions and even Owen a prescription for preventative measures. We are now trying to keep both of the babes as far apart as we can. A sick toddler is one thing. But we definitely don't want a sick infant! We'll be saying our prayers that Bethany has a speed recovery and that our lil' man doesn't get it!!! If you plan on talking to the Big Man above, feel free to give him a shout out on our behalf! :)
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