Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Somehow it is already time for Halloween! Seems like it was just yesterday we were lathered in sunscreen hanging out near the sprinklers and under the shadiest tree!!!

We had a fantastic Halloween! It was the first one we didn't have a sick or hurt baby on our hands! ;-) Let me tell you: a sick/hurt baby has a way of ruining the fun!

Although, Owen wasn't quite sure why we were transforming his sister from a cute lil girl to a cuddly, roaring, tail-swing, dino-head avoiding Dinosaur!

Bethany practices saying, "Roar!!!" As to be expected, Bethany has no desire or intentions of wearing the dinosaur head. We tried all the typical tricks....but...sigh...that little girl has a mind of her own. She only wanted the Dinosaur Tail...No Head!!!
Owen's turn to try on his chili pepper. I was so super excited to dress him up as a chili pepper. I bought this costume last fall when I was just a few months along. Little did I know that a costume that says it fits a 0-9 month old wouldn't fit our lil' chubbers! What a stuffed pepper...the poor thing couldn't be more uncomfortable looking! On to Plan B....Bethany's old tiger costume!
What an unlikely couple...a dinosaur and tiger!
Bethany got to join a pair of dice, a pilot, a firefighter, a pirate, a princess, Robin, a witch, a soldier and Elvis on her first trick-or-treating extravaganza!! She was totally intrigued by all of the commotion!

Finally working up the nerve to go to a door without Mom by her side.Neither Elvis nor a dinosaur may be around anymore...but they sure somehow made a fantastic duo around the neighborhood!Of course, they aren't no dummies. If there shall be a wagon, they shall ride!
What a fantastic Halloween! Bethany thoroughly enjoyed herself and she finally broke the spell of Ole Hallow's Eve!!!