Sunday, October 4, 2009

Finally Interacting!

Not only is having a child an amazing blessing, but having two children has proven to be a wonderful experience so far. Not only do I find it a major blessing to have 2 children...but I just love the way they love each other. It is so fulfilling to watch them play and "talk" to each other. I can already see that they truly love each other

It has been a ton of fun watching the two of the playing, since Owen has finally gotten to the point where he is starting to interact with Bethany.

Here a pictures of them playing together.
Owen just loves the attention and having Bethany playing with him. He especially enjoys it when he isn't being poked, sat on, fed toys or any other invasion of his personal space!

Finally he retaliates by pulling his sister's hair!

Today Bethany decided Owen was sick and needed to see Dr. Rozin. She, of course, was Dr. Rozin. Poor guy.

Guess his ears checked out ok.
This poor face says to me, "Really, Mom, you are going to let her do this stuff to me?"

Listening to Owen's heartbeat.
She's such a great little doctor!