Sunday, September 30, 2007

Playing with the ol' Lady

Playing with the Ole Man!

Who needs toys when I can play with Daddy's mouth!

Maybe this is where I get my big mouth from!

Helpful Baby!

Look what I can do...I can hold my bottle (sometimes)! I don't want to do this too much or the folks would expect me to do it all the time. I just do it occasionally to so they stay impressed with my mad skillz!

The Many Moods of Bethany

Happy Baby
Mellow Baby

Puzzeled Baby
Mad Baby

Bethany has the ability to change moods from happy to mad in 0.3 seconds. It is a rather impressive ability.

Hello Octopus!

Bethany has really taken to the pivot toy. She loves to stare at the little do-hickies on the tray. She has even started to figure out how to make them do things--like ding, sing, squeek and sway! It is so fun to watch her investigate her surroundings!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

No me gusta!

Seriously, Daddy should stick with his day job. I hate when he sings his "la la laaaa" song. It is AWFUL. No matter my mood prior to his singing this song, I always wind up with a pouty face. If he continues, I start to CRY!!! When ever Dad subjects me to this torture, my folks end up cracking up. How mean is that??? Obviously, the ability to sing beautifully isn't genetic. Grandma Milles has a beautiful voice...perhaps it jumps a generation and I will end up with that amazing talent!

Amidextrous Feet!

Bethany has revealed another remarkable ability--the ability to feed herself with her feet. She was holding her bottle with her feet! Now that is some talent!!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Smiling for Grandma!

Bethany is always excited to see Grandma! She loves playing and flying in the air!

More like a Floater than a Walker!

Poor lil' Bethany is too short and midget-like to adequately use the walker. The box did say 4 mo. plus. We are only 2 weeks shy of the 4 mo. mark! I doubt this lil' girl is going to grow 4-6 inches in 2 weeks. The poor walker is gonna have to collect dust for a month or two.

However, she did find all of the gizmos and gadgets on the tray intriguing!

Playing with Pooh!

Playing with Pooh! That is Winnie-the-Pooh, of course!! Bethany got this toy from her Great Aunt Ann. She was amazed by it. It is a lot of fun to watch her play with it! She likes kicking the hangy guys & knocking down the huffalump & Tigger

Pivot Toy!

Bethany enjoys kicking her feet. When try to sit her up, she tries to stand instead. We tried out her pivoting toy last night. She doesn't quite know how to work it. We plan on getting her a walker today. She has a few gift cards left over.

Wiped Out!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Absolutely Adorable!

Just in case you didn't realize...I am absolutely adorable! Don't you think so?

Visiting the Grandparents!

I got to visit Grandma and Grandpa Milles this weekend. I have been missing them! :o) I haven't seen them in a couple of weeks. It was tons o' fun to see them again!

We Match!

Aren't we adorable! We both are wearing our pretty blue outfits. Although, I do think I look cuter! :)

I can do it better!

I think that my Mom needs help feeding me. Honestly, I do a much better job. I try to help her as much as I can. Whenever Mom brings the spoon near my mouth, I grab it with both hands and hold it in my mouth to lick ever morsel off food off. Then, I wave it in the air trying to make it back in my mouth. To signal that I am ready for more, I just drop it on my bib and Mom picks it up for me. What a great system we have worked out!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Not my diaper!

hehehehe! Everytime those sucker parents of mine put me on my back, I roll over. Here I rolled over as Mom was trying to change my diaper...let's see exactly how good she is at changing diapers. I doubt even she could change it from this angle!

Bunny Ears!

Bethany and I were laying around on one of her blankets last night & Cory noticed that she had bunny ears! Isn't she the cutest lil' bunny you ever did see?
The coolest things about this blanket is that it was mine when I was little. What an old blanket!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Eatting AGAIN!

We have the piggiest lil' baby there ever was. She is eatting non-stop in the evenings. We bounce back and forth between nursing, baby food and bottles. But she is always demanding more! The crazy thing is that she is still in 0-3 month clothing. I am surprised she hasn't upgraded, considering the amount of food she consumes!

Playing around!

Bethany loves to play (and drool) all night long. If you are wondering why she is without clothes, it is because she was a complete mess after din-din. We tried some bananas today for dinner. She LOVED them. She took to those much better than the cereal. We also visited Bethany's Great Grandma in New Madrid this weekend. She was a great lil' baby on her first road trip. It was a lot of fun for all!

Rollin' with the homies



Monday, September 3, 2007

Can't decide which is best!

I like to stick things in my mouth now. I think I will start with my thumb and what a sweet thumb it is!

No, the thumb isn't enough. I think I need the whole-shebang in my mouth.
But, a fist isn't very ladylike, now is it? How about a good ole' pacifier? What do you think I should use.
Vote now...the poll is to the right!

Do you see the resemblance?

Turns out our lil' Maggie is becoming more like Mr. Burns everyday!

Playing with the ol' man!

I'm sitting on top of the world!

Happy Labor Day!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

I'm a stinker

I rolled over Thursday at the sitter's. I think it was an accident. The sitter placed me in bed & I didn't want to sleep. So, I figured I would make everyone miserable and I cried & cried. Somehow I managed to flail my arms & legs enough that I ended up on my stomach when I was check on next. Thursday night Mom tried to get me to do it again. But I, clearly, have a mind of my own! Here is how it all went down:

1. Starting position: You want me to do what? Again?

2. If I kick my leg like this, it gives me some nice leverage.
3. Okay. I made it this far...but I can't seem to get quite on my stomach.
This darn arm is in the way. That is okay. I will make Mom and Dad wait longer to show them my mad rollin' skills