Saturday, September 1, 2007

I'm a stinker

I rolled over Thursday at the sitter's. I think it was an accident. The sitter placed me in bed & I didn't want to sleep. So, I figured I would make everyone miserable and I cried & cried. Somehow I managed to flail my arms & legs enough that I ended up on my stomach when I was check on next. Thursday night Mom tried to get me to do it again. But I, clearly, have a mind of my own! Here is how it all went down:

1. Starting position: You want me to do what? Again?

2. If I kick my leg like this, it gives me some nice leverage.
3. Okay. I made it this far...but I can't seem to get quite on my stomach.
This darn arm is in the way. That is okay. I will make Mom and Dad wait longer to show them my mad rollin' skills