Saturday, January 31, 2009

Big Girl!

Bethany really is emerging to become this big girl. I don't know when she stopped being my squishy, scrunchy baby and started to be this little toddler--but it happened. I need to find a way to stop all this growing up, before it is too late and she is off married somewhere!

Anyhow...while I work on that, I will go ahead and share some of the big girl pictures from the week.

She loves to watch the computer. Whether it is Sesame Street videos off of youtube (courtesy of our fast Internet) or just pictures of herself via the screen saver...she always wants to sit in the chair in front of the "deevee" (tv).

Bethany also likes to take care of Mommy and Daddy. Here she is feeding Daddy some veggie oil from her kitchen set. Yeah...veggie oil. I am sure you are just oozing with jealousy!

Putting the baby in the high chair came out of the blue on day. She really wanted to put the baby in the high chair and then she went and started to give the baby a book, toys from the kitchen set and she even shared her sippy with the baby. That is one lucky baby!

Okay...maybe it is Bethany's turn for the sippy now!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Playing Dr. & Going to the Dr.

Bethany has rediscovered her Elmo Doctor Kit she got for Christmas. She is loving it, although I imagine she doesn't know what each item represents in real life. She just cares about the characters on them. Glad to see Sesame Street has great Marketing!

Just chilling while listening to my ABC's.

Poor Bethany had to go to the Doctor today. She had a 103 fever! Fun times for us! Poor thing just hasn't been acting right. Turns out she has another ear infection. :-( She'll go through a small period of time where she is happy and playing & then something happens and she is just clingy and fussy. I am glad we took her to the doctor, 103 is pretty high in my book. Now she is on antibiotics & Cory will take off work with her. Poor thing seems to be getting sick a lot this year. We can't imagine what life will be like when the sickness gets to bounce between two little bambinos!

Just pray for us that the antibiotics kick in quickly!

Don't forget to watch the video in the post right below! She is pretty cute when she sings along with Cookie Monster!

C is For Cookie!

Here is Bethany singing along with Cookie Monster. It is pretty cute! :) Sorry for the YouTube video. I couldn't get the video to load on the blogger website. It took way too long! But this is totally worth a glance!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Up & Running!

Poor lil' Bethany has a nice runny nose the pass couple of days. She is such a neat kiddo. Seriously, she is really neat. She hates to have stuff on her hands and boogies on her face. So whenever she needs a tissue, she is always whining, "my nose, my nose."

Are all the boogies gone?

We also have Internet up & running at our house. That is pretty exciting. We no longer have to "borrow" other people's internet or deal with the dreaded dial-up. Bethany likes to help Daddy type on the computer. What a good helper! Since we have fast and reliable Internet, perhaps you can expect more posts...but don't hold your breath too long! ;-)

Monday, January 19, 2009


Taking care of baby.

One of the cutest words that Bethany has started to say is Okay, but it comes out as "mmmkay." She'll use it all the time now.

"Bethany get your shoes."
"mmmkay, shooos on"

"Bethany lets go bye-bye"
"mmmkay my Baby Di-ter"
(translation: Okay, My baby needs a new diaper)

It is so cute seeing her strand her words together!
Other happenings in the house:
We run poor Bethany ragged. Here she is Saturday--dead tired. Poor thing didn't even flinch while I took off her coat. Who knew Pizza Hut was so wearing on a poor child!

22 1/2 weeks pregnant!
We also had our dr. appointment for Baby2 this week. Things are going well. The most important thing was my antibody levels. This month, they went down again! That is right. The antibody levels started off at level 8. This means, that once the technicians detect an antibody, they divide your blood cells in half to see if it is still present. This is level 2. Then they divided them again (level 4). Then again (level 8). Level 8 and above is considered "significant". For a few months, I've dropped down to Level 4. Well, this month I am at a level 2! That means the antibodies were present, but only stayed noticeable when the blood was divided in half. Beyond that, they couldn't be detected. So, that is pretty exciting news.

I also got to hear Baby2's heartbeat. Sounds pretty strong to me. Next month, I get to do the lovely glucose test. Yum-yum. I get to try out a new flavor: lemon-lime. Oh the joys of pregnancy! ;-) I have no fears...about the gestational diabetes, though. Things went so smoothly with Bethany!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Busy Week!

Life went back in full-swing this week. Boy, has it been a loooonnnnggg week!!!

Bethany finished up her sickness last Saturday, right when Cory started up. He was down for a couple of days last weekend. My turn to get sick came in Monday & Tuesday....just in the knick of time to interfere with work. I ended up needed to take a sick day Tuesday...the first day students came back. What a horrible day to have a sub. By Wednesday, all 3 & 1/2 Milli were feeling much better.

Bethany loves to take advantage of her nightly cuddles with Mommy, no matter where Mommy decides to plop down. ***side-note: plop is pretty accurate with this monster of a belly!***
Bethany continues to fine tune her puzzling skills. She has gotten pretty good & is really liking her puzzles. She is so smart (like you didn't know that already), that she will know when she has a piece to a different puzzle she will immediately discard the odd piece and find the pieces that go with what she is working on.
Coloring has also become a new hobby for little Bethany. She loves to get in her high chair and color. This is great for Mommy and Daddy, too! They get to get some paper work done while she is confined. Usually all school work, bills, etc. have to wait until little grabbing hands are down for the night. Color is only half the fun; Bethany also gets pretty occupied with just putting the crayons back into the box. Whatever it takes to amuse her, works for me!

Now we are ready for another full week of work and meetings and appointments and whatnots! We hope you had a good first non-holiday week back into the swing of things!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Puzzled 19 Month Old!

Today is Bethany's 19 Month Anniversary of her Birthday!

Here are a couple glimpses of her puzzling day!

Why am I wearing Daddy's shirt?
"Daddy's shirt"

Don't you think I wear it better?

After owning these puzzles for about a month now, Bethany has figured out how to get the pieces into their respective areas. She has been working on that for a while. Today she just got up from the AquaDoodle, picked up a puzzle and started playing with them. I was amazed to see her able to get the pieces in with ease. For a while there, her theory was "If I push hard enough, it is bound to fit." It appears she has abandoned that theory and has gone into the rotate the image into the appropriate counterpart & all is good! :o)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Pathetic New Year!

I am sooo not in the mood, Mom!
Chillin' with Daddy. Notice the blanket on the chair, just in case of another "incident" and by "incident" I mean puke...lots and lots of puke!

Our poor lil' Bethany has fallen ill for the New Year. Our fun festivities began New Year's Eve, where literally one minute she is running around all cheerful & the next she is vomiting! This resulted in a sleepless night for the Milles family. While the rest of the world rang in the new year with a bang, we rang it in with a "Barf". At least her throwing up only lasted one evening. On New Years, the poor thing was running a fever all day. Today, Jan. 2, she has no fever and no vomit and no energy. She hasn't eaten much in the past 2 days and isn't really excited about the concept of eat ting. She will drink a little bit with prompting. We took her to the doctor today because she was so zombie-like, but the dr. said she just had a virus and to wait it out and keep pushing liquids. Poor Girl. At least it happened over break and we didn't have to do the whole song-and-dance to get a sub! ;-)

We hope your New Year got off to a better start than the Milles Family!