Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Busy Week!

Life went back in full-swing this week. Boy, has it been a loooonnnnggg week!!!

Bethany finished up her sickness last Saturday, right when Cory started up. He was down for a couple of days last weekend. My turn to get sick came in Monday & Tuesday....just in the knick of time to interfere with work. I ended up needed to take a sick day Tuesday...the first day students came back. What a horrible day to have a sub. By Wednesday, all 3 & 1/2 Milli were feeling much better.

Bethany loves to take advantage of her nightly cuddles with Mommy, no matter where Mommy decides to plop down. ***side-note: plop is pretty accurate with this monster of a belly!***
Bethany continues to fine tune her puzzling skills. She has gotten pretty good & is really liking her puzzles. She is so smart (like you didn't know that already), that she will know when she has a piece to a different puzzle she will immediately discard the odd piece and find the pieces that go with what she is working on.
Coloring has also become a new hobby for little Bethany. She loves to get in her high chair and color. This is great for Mommy and Daddy, too! They get to get some paper work done while she is confined. Usually all school work, bills, etc. have to wait until little grabbing hands are down for the night. Color is only half the fun; Bethany also gets pretty occupied with just putting the crayons back into the box. Whatever it takes to amuse her, works for me!

Now we are ready for another full week of work and meetings and appointments and whatnots! We hope you had a good first non-holiday week back into the swing of things!