Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Playing Dr. & Going to the Dr.

Bethany has rediscovered her Elmo Doctor Kit she got for Christmas. She is loving it, although I imagine she doesn't know what each item represents in real life. She just cares about the characters on them. Glad to see Sesame Street has great Marketing!

Just chilling while listening to my ABC's.

Poor Bethany had to go to the Doctor today. She had a 103 fever! Fun times for us! Poor thing just hasn't been acting right. Turns out she has another ear infection. :-( She'll go through a small period of time where she is happy and playing & then something happens and she is just clingy and fussy. I am glad we took her to the doctor, 103 is pretty high in my book. Now she is on antibiotics & Cory will take off work with her. Poor thing seems to be getting sick a lot this year. We can't imagine what life will be like when the sickness gets to bounce between two little bambinos!

Just pray for us that the antibiotics kick in quickly!

Don't forget to watch the video in the post right below! She is pretty cute when she sings along with Cookie Monster!