Saturday, January 31, 2009

Big Girl!

Bethany really is emerging to become this big girl. I don't know when she stopped being my squishy, scrunchy baby and started to be this little toddler--but it happened. I need to find a way to stop all this growing up, before it is too late and she is off married somewhere!

Anyhow...while I work on that, I will go ahead and share some of the big girl pictures from the week.

She loves to watch the computer. Whether it is Sesame Street videos off of youtube (courtesy of our fast Internet) or just pictures of herself via the screen saver...she always wants to sit in the chair in front of the "deevee" (tv).

Bethany also likes to take care of Mommy and Daddy. Here she is feeding Daddy some veggie oil from her kitchen set. Yeah...veggie oil. I am sure you are just oozing with jealousy!

Putting the baby in the high chair came out of the blue on day. She really wanted to put the baby in the high chair and then she went and started to give the baby a book, toys from the kitchen set and she even shared her sippy with the baby. That is one lucky baby!

Okay...maybe it is Bethany's turn for the sippy now!