Monday, January 26, 2009

Up & Running!

Poor lil' Bethany has a nice runny nose the pass couple of days. She is such a neat kiddo. Seriously, she is really neat. She hates to have stuff on her hands and boogies on her face. So whenever she needs a tissue, she is always whining, "my nose, my nose."

Are all the boogies gone?

We also have Internet up & running at our house. That is pretty exciting. We no longer have to "borrow" other people's internet or deal with the dreaded dial-up. Bethany likes to help Daddy type on the computer. What a good helper! Since we have fast and reliable Internet, perhaps you can expect more posts...but don't hold your breath too long! ;-)


Rob said...

Whoa - 2 laptops! Cory must be multi-tasking on a snow day!