Monday, January 19, 2009


Taking care of baby.

One of the cutest words that Bethany has started to say is Okay, but it comes out as "mmmkay." She'll use it all the time now.

"Bethany get your shoes."
"mmmkay, shooos on"

"Bethany lets go bye-bye"
"mmmkay my Baby Di-ter"
(translation: Okay, My baby needs a new diaper)

It is so cute seeing her strand her words together!
Other happenings in the house:
We run poor Bethany ragged. Here she is Saturday--dead tired. Poor thing didn't even flinch while I took off her coat. Who knew Pizza Hut was so wearing on a poor child!

22 1/2 weeks pregnant!
We also had our dr. appointment for Baby2 this week. Things are going well. The most important thing was my antibody levels. This month, they went down again! That is right. The antibody levels started off at level 8. This means, that once the technicians detect an antibody, they divide your blood cells in half to see if it is still present. This is level 2. Then they divided them again (level 4). Then again (level 8). Level 8 and above is considered "significant". For a few months, I've dropped down to Level 4. Well, this month I am at a level 2! That means the antibodies were present, but only stayed noticeable when the blood was divided in half. Beyond that, they couldn't be detected. So, that is pretty exciting news.

I also got to hear Baby2's heartbeat. Sounds pretty strong to me. Next month, I get to do the lovely glucose test. Yum-yum. I get to try out a new flavor: lemon-lime. Oh the joys of pregnancy! ;-) I have no fears...about the gestational diabetes, though. Things went so smoothly with Bethany!