Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Puzzled 19 Month Old!

Today is Bethany's 19 Month Anniversary of her Birthday!

Here are a couple glimpses of her puzzling day!

Why am I wearing Daddy's shirt?
"Daddy's shirt"

Don't you think I wear it better?

After owning these puzzles for about a month now, Bethany has figured out how to get the pieces into their respective areas. She has been working on that for a while. Today she just got up from the AquaDoodle, picked up a puzzle and started playing with them. I was amazed to see her able to get the pieces in with ease. For a while there, her theory was "If I push hard enough, it is bound to fit." It appears she has abandoned that theory and has gone into the rotate the image into the appropriate counterpart & all is good! :o)