Friday, January 2, 2009

Pathetic New Year!

I am sooo not in the mood, Mom!
Chillin' with Daddy. Notice the blanket on the chair, just in case of another "incident" and by "incident" I mean puke...lots and lots of puke!

Our poor lil' Bethany has fallen ill for the New Year. Our fun festivities began New Year's Eve, where literally one minute she is running around all cheerful & the next she is vomiting! This resulted in a sleepless night for the Milles family. While the rest of the world rang in the new year with a bang, we rang it in with a "Barf". At least her throwing up only lasted one evening. On New Years, the poor thing was running a fever all day. Today, Jan. 2, she has no fever and no vomit and no energy. She hasn't eaten much in the past 2 days and isn't really excited about the concept of eat ting. She will drink a little bit with prompting. We took her to the doctor today because she was so zombie-like, but the dr. said she just had a virus and to wait it out and keep pushing liquids. Poor Girl. At least it happened over break and we didn't have to do the whole song-and-dance to get a sub! ;-)

We hope your New Year got off to a better start than the Milles Family!