Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Super Bethany & Super Baby2!!!

Super Bethany:

So a couple of days ago, I put Cory on a mission to buy Bethany some more pj's in a bigger size (24 months!!!). When he came home, he had 2 brand new footed-pj's for our little Slumber-Bee. The interesting thing is that both pairs are boy pj's---one pair is superman & one has dinosaurs. Perhaps Cory's secret desires for Baby2's gender are peeking through. He claims that the store was out of girl pj's. How convenient ! Although, I don't think it really matters; as Bethany is pretty adorable in whatever she wears! :)

Super Baby2:

As you can see in the picture above, Baby2 is cooking pretty good. I am bigger sooner with this kiddo than with Bethany. I grew out of regular clothes around 13 weeks. It is pretty crazy. I didn't need maternity clothes until 4-5 months for Bethany. Other than my size, we have more news on Baby2. We went to the doctor today. We got to hear the heartbeat, it is always a relief to hear the heart. I can't wait until I start feeling Baby2, that way I know that he/she is doing okay in there.
The more important news is that my antibody levels remained the same for this month. They are still present...but not at the "significant" level that they were at the first month. So this is a huge relief!!!! However, by trying to research my antibody-condition online, I've learned that the 16-20 weeks are the time where I could spike with antibodies. As the baby grows and gains more blood, my blood could develop more antibodies to fight the "foreign" body out.
Since Christmas is next month, I only have to wait 3 weeks for my next appointment. So not only will have to wait just 3 weeks in between blood results, but also I get to have my next ULTRASOUND! It will be nice to see how the baby is developing & not to mention it is always a huge relief to see the lil' body parts are all where they belong! We will still appreciate any prayers you have out there to offer...
P.S. I was a busy-bee poster make sure to read the other 2 posts I wrote this evening!


We haven't really discussed with all of our lovely readers the Milles Family "Time-Out" policy. warned...if you do anything naughty...expect to be in our time-out step.

Here is how it works:

First, you do something wrong. If you can't think of anything, just watch Bethany. She'll give you an idea or two. Perhaps, she will sit in the fire place, bang toys/dishes on the tables, throw toys at people, or even hit someone.

Second, you get ONE warning. Don't worry, we will be very clear. "Lovely Reader, if you do X again you will go to Time-Out." If you are anything like Bethany, then this will either result in a loud NNNNO! or a bunch of tears.
Third, if you choose to do the naughty action again, we will place you on the Time-Out step. The Time-Out step is the bottom step on the stair case. You get 1 minute of Time-Out per year of age. (Although, rarely do we make Bethany go a whole minute. We are suckers and pick her up w/in 30-45 seconds.)
Finally, when your time is up, we will pick you up, remind you what you did wrong & what to do next time. We then will tell you that we love you & give you some really good cuddling.
So, readers, there you have it! The Milles Family Time-Out Policy. Just in case you are wondering, yes, Bethany was in a Time-Out in this picture. She was surprisingly okay with being in Time-Out. I think she was placed here because she threw her sippy cup repeatedly at both of us! Poor Girl

Moody Bethany!

Minute 1: Bethany is happy and dancing with Daddy!
Minute 2: Bethany is upset over something or another!
Poor girl...being 1 is so tough!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Topsy-Turvy Bethany!

Here's Bethany doing 2 things that drive me nuts: taking off her socks & standing in my chair. She'll take off her socks 7 times an evening. I try to say to myself....if her feet are cold, then it is her own fault. Then, I'll end up touching her icy-cold toes and feel guilty. So, then I'll put her socks back on. She thinks it is a hilarious game. And, actually, it is kinda cute, I have to admit...just don't tell her I said that!

She also loves to stand on the chair and make it rock like crazy. But, she knows this is a no-no & will result in a time-out. But what she does when we aren't looking won't hurt her...right?!?!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Kookee-Do'h! Get it...Cookie dough! Aren't we clever.

Here is Bethany with 2 of her favorite things. Kookees (cookies) and Do'h (Simpsons). Bethany likes to call everything sweet kookee. This ranges from doughnuts, brownies, cakes, cookies, sometimes even pretzels. In this case, she is eating a Kit-Kat. Aren't we just the perfect parents?

She also loves the Simpsons. Sometimes when she wakes up at 4 (!!!!) in the morning, she will cuddle up to Cory and say, "Daddy, Do'h? Daddy, Lala? Daddy, Do'h? Daddy, Lala?" She is trying to solicit some Elmo or Simpsons out of us...but little does she know that our tv play Elmo and/or Simpsons 24-7. (thank goodness.) Nevertheless, it is cute when she asks for them by name. It also cracks me up when a brief commercial for the Simpsons comes on and she has a miniature break down when them regular show comes back on air. What a cute little Do'h-Head!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Showing Off!!

We just wanted to take a few seconds to show off all of Bethany's amazing abilities. First off, is her amazing communication skills. Well, what do you excpect when you have brilliant parents like hers! The "experts" say she should be able to say 10-15 words by 17 months old. Well, below is a list and it is above average...of course! The "Can Say" list includes words that she will say on her own at the appropriate time. The "Will Repeat" list she will repeat after you on a pretty consistent basis...but she has never said them at the appropriate time unprompted. The "Made-Up Words" are her words that are in her Bethanize language. She uses these all the time!

Then finally, we have the words she'll Sign!

I am sure there are other words that I am forgetting. I've been working on this list all day long. Bethany is also able to sing along to 4 of the songs on the Elmo cd that she insists we listen to in the car...every car ride. It is really cute to listen to her sign along.


She also makes a little good mama...carrying for her baby. Here she covered Babeee with a bib.

We are still working on proper baby-carrying techniques. I don't think this would fly with a human baby...I will leave all baby-carrying responsibilities to Cory and I when the new baby comes!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bethany's new Baby!

There are a lot of new babies in the Milles household. First, Mommy is going to have a new baby. Now, I got a new baby!!! I like to cuddle my baby, feed my baby, diaper my baby, put my baby down for night-night. I am a good little Mama. Mommy knows that once my baby brother or sister comes I will be a big help. Well, as long as I don't drag my baby bro/sis by the arms & I do my baby.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Curse of All Hallow's Eve!

I am beginning to think there is a curse on Bethany when it comes to Halloween. If you recall, last Halloween Bethany was sick! Now for this Halloween, Bethany fell off a chair she wasn't supposed to be standing in at the sitters & scraped up her nose on the fire place. Then Friday evening, after getting her diaper changed, she fell of the changing station as she stood up (again...when she wasn't supposed to). This fall caused her bite her tounge causing it to bleed & she managed to scrape up her chin. After this tumble, she needed to be cuddled and calmed for the next hour, resulting in our festivities to start later than anticipated.
Bethany was supposed to be a fuzzy spider. I made the costume this year. It was kind of a fun took quite about of time. But since Bethany wasn't in a festive Halloween mood, she wore the costume for all of 30 minutes while we visited Grandma and Grandpa. Since we started later, we didn't get to the mall to trick-or-treat as we wished. Grandma Milles came by to trick-or-treat with Bethany, but Bethany refused to put the costume on again! :-( So it wasn't a perfect Halloween, but she was a cute spider while it lasted. Poor Cory, hates the fabric I used for the costume as the shiny pieces can still be found all over the house. I don't think I really realized just how much Cory HATES all forms of glitter and shiny slivers of Spider Costumes! Oh well, lets hope the baby is a girl...then we will have him out-numbered 3-to-1 & glitter will be here to stay! :-)