Monday, November 17, 2008


Kookee-Do'h! Get it...Cookie dough! Aren't we clever.

Here is Bethany with 2 of her favorite things. Kookees (cookies) and Do'h (Simpsons). Bethany likes to call everything sweet kookee. This ranges from doughnuts, brownies, cakes, cookies, sometimes even pretzels. In this case, she is eating a Kit-Kat. Aren't we just the perfect parents?

She also loves the Simpsons. Sometimes when she wakes up at 4 (!!!!) in the morning, she will cuddle up to Cory and say, "Daddy, Do'h? Daddy, Lala? Daddy, Do'h? Daddy, Lala?" She is trying to solicit some Elmo or Simpsons out of us...but little does she know that our tv play Elmo and/or Simpsons 24-7. (thank goodness.) Nevertheless, it is cute when she asks for them by name. It also cracks me up when a brief commercial for the Simpsons comes on and she has a miniature break down when them regular show comes back on air. What a cute little Do'h-Head!!


Abbie said...

She is so cute in red!