Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Curse of All Hallow's Eve!

I am beginning to think there is a curse on Bethany when it comes to Halloween. If you recall, last Halloween Bethany was sick! Now for this Halloween, Bethany fell off a chair she wasn't supposed to be standing in at the sitters & scraped up her nose on the fire place. Then Friday evening, after getting her diaper changed, she fell of the changing station as she stood up (again...when she wasn't supposed to). This fall caused her bite her tounge causing it to bleed & she managed to scrape up her chin. After this tumble, she needed to be cuddled and calmed for the next hour, resulting in our festivities to start later than anticipated.
Bethany was supposed to be a fuzzy spider. I made the costume this year. It was kind of a fun took quite about of time. But since Bethany wasn't in a festive Halloween mood, she wore the costume for all of 30 minutes while we visited Grandma and Grandpa. Since we started later, we didn't get to the mall to trick-or-treat as we wished. Grandma Milles came by to trick-or-treat with Bethany, but Bethany refused to put the costume on again! :-( So it wasn't a perfect Halloween, but she was a cute spider while it lasted. Poor Cory, hates the fabric I used for the costume as the shiny pieces can still be found all over the house. I don't think I really realized just how much Cory HATES all forms of glitter and shiny slivers of Spider Costumes! Oh well, lets hope the baby is a girl...then we will have him out-numbered 3-to-1 & glitter will be here to stay! :-)


Abbie said...

The costume is adorable! Good work!