Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Baby!!!!

Bethany will soon be a big sister!
Well, not too soon, as the little one won't make its arrival until May. But it was go quickly as the first pregnancy seemed to zip by us! Things are progressing really well. We do have an extra concern for this baby. The doctor said there is an extra blood condition that we need to be attentive to. I have some extra anti-bodies in my system that could potentially cause problems; however, the stats are in our favor & it is unlikely to cause any problems. The doctor today actually said my anti-body levels went down from last month, that is a major blessing!!!! I will continue to have monthly blood work in order to monitor my levels. If they anti-bodies increase to a dangerous level, then we will potentially need to have an amniosintisis or at the very worse the baby will need a blood transfusion. So, we would definatley appreciate any and all prayers you can throw our way.
Back on the positive...we are so excited to welcome another little Milles in our household. Sometimes it catches me off guard to think about toting around 2 kiddos around everywhere. Bethany has been such an amazing blessing that we just can't wait to meet our next little miracle!!!


robin said...

I was hoping for Bethany in a costume, but this news is even better! Congratulations!

Rob said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Very exciting news! I'll confess that I was a little nervous about having a 2nd one... but now that she's here, we can't imagine life without her.

Brad & Laura said...

Congratulations! We are so happy for you guys! We can't believe you're pregnant with #2 already, but we can't wait to meet your precious new baby in May!