Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Harry Potter and the Neglected Baby

So I got sucked into Harry Potter 7 over the weekend. I had to carefully explain to Bethany that while Mommy loves her, Mommy also loves Harry Potter, and in all fairness, Harry Potter was here first. She learned to be quiet while I read about his adventures and tried to figure out what the Horocruxes were and how he was going to dispose of them. Cory thought Harry should have taken Kreacher and thrown the One Horocrux to Rule them All into Mount Doom, much like Lord of the Rings. I am glad that Rowling didn't think it was wise to copy Tolken's ideas!

Happy Birthday Cory!

Sunday was Cory's Birthday! He turned 29 years old. As you can see, there was a theme for the birthday celebration...Simpsons! Cory got tons of great stuff. The best gift probably was the opening of the Simpson's Movie this weekend. He ended up seeing it at a Sneak Preview (for free!) last Thursday! Isn't he a lucky duck! He got the tickets for being quoted in Friday's Post Dispatch in the Biggest Fan Simpson Article. See below:

Here are is a sample of the pictures that Cory took and submitted to the Post. They published the first one. Please know that we don't keep the Simpson's room this cluttered. Cory dragged all of the Simpson's merchandise out of their proper places and placed them all on the dresser and bed to really emphasize the enormity of his collection! I was dumbfounded he had so much stuff!

All Wiped Out!

We had a busy weekend this past weekend. Bethany went on her first picnic this weekend with the Milles family to celebrate our cousin's graduation from the 8th grade! We then went to the mall for super sales at JC Penny's. I was able to buy a bunch of clothes for work for only $50, my reciept said if I paid full price I saved $230! We then went to my folk's house to visit some relatives who were in from out of town. As soon as we got home, Bethany was out! We were proud of our lil' stinker though, she sleep Saturday night all the way until 5 am! That was a record! She slept until 5 that past two nights as well. We are feeling very blessed! That is when we have to get up for when work starts!

Friday, July 27, 2007


This is a picture of our lil' fussy butt. She usually gets pretty fussy most evenings for an hour (or heaven forbid--2 hours). The last three days Bethany was with her grandma and was drinking more formula than usual, since we had training for work. After having her drinking more formula we noticed that her diapers weren't coming out all peaches -n-creme. We called the doctor and set up an appointment.

We have learned that what we saw in the diaper was, in deed, blood. So, our lil' fussy butt is allergic to milk. What does this mean, you ask? Well, it means a couple of things. Instead of the normal "cheap" formula, we will have to get her the more expensive formula. It's the most expensive formula on the shelf, about 2.5x's that of normal-people formula. Also, it means I will continue nursing for as long as I can. This means that I need to eliminate all dairy out of my diet...cheese included! What is a life without cheese, I wonder. My original plan was to nurse until the commencement of school, but we will continue as long as she needs. I will just need to find a place and some time to pump at work.

We are hoping that with the elimination of milk in her diet completely, her diapers will return to normal. Also, we are hoping that will cause her bouts of fussiness to become a distant memory!

So, that is the latest and greatest news on our lil' pumpkin. Oh, yeah! She was weighed in at 10 lbs exactly yesterday! That's up 1 lbs from 2 weeks ago! Good for her!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tennis Anyone???

Here is one of my two tennis outfits. I don't have a tennis racket yet, my friend Travis is working on that for me. But I think he has a while before I need one. I am still working on my hand-eye-coordination.
This week, Mommy and Daddy have meetings on Monday-Wednesday. So, I have been spending more time away from them. They have told me that they'd rather be with me than in any silly ol' meetings! But soon school will start and I will spend a lot more time away from them. How sad!


I love just looking around and staring off into space.

Oh No! I soiled myself how embarrassing!

As my shirt says, autographs will be availabe after Kindergarten!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

To All Other Babies Out There:

To all other babies, I am sorry. I, hands down, take the crown for the world's cutest baby. Look at these shots that our friend Abbie took of me. The are phenomenal, if I do say so myself. This was Abbie's first photo shoot and she is awesome! Of course, she had a fantastic client to work with.

Abbie is not only talented as a photographer, but she is smart enough to post them online with the ordering service. So you can look at her gallery and buy some if you wish...or just window shop!

I just picked a couple to post on this website, for the whole shebang go to this website: http://www.abbiebrownphoto.com/dropproof/bethany/

The past word is our last name. Hopefully, if you are reading this blog you are well aware of our last name.

Friday, July 20, 2007

My Girls' Day Out!

Today is full of a bunch of firsts!
This is my first hat! I didn't know what to think about it at first. But I have really enjoyed wearing it all day long. A huge smile came across my face as soon as Mommy put it on.
I had another first today! I had my first Girls' Day Out. Mom and I with our friend Jenny went out today. I enjoyed shopping a bunch. It's fun to look for clothes. Mommy wore me around in her little snuggly thing around her chest. It was great spending my parents' money!!!

All worn out!

After a long day Thursday, Mom and I are all worn out and a sleep on the couch.
We tried to stay up to watch t.v. but that didn't work out for us too well.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Reading Daddy's Book!

Mommy started reading Daddy's book to me while he was away. He just finished his third edit. There aren't too many mistakes to correct this time around. Plus, we love the changes he made. I am just grateful I don't understand the words Mommy is saying or I am sure I'd have nightmares!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Chillin' in the Boppie!

I've had this bad rash all over my face and chest for this past week or two. Finally, it is clearing up. We realized when Mommy eats chocolate I break out. So instead of me suffering with unsightly bumps, she gets to suffer by not being able to eat chocolate.
Just another way I get to have control over my parents!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Big Butt?!?

Just when I thought I was too young to worry about the social pressures the media provides.

So, what do you think, is my rump too big with this diaper?

I doubt it, the doctor says I am in the 50th percentile for my weight.
When we found out, my momma said, "Way to be average, Bethany!"

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A supermodel in training!

This has been a busy past few days for Bethany. Finally, she lost her umbilical cord and is ready to take real baths! We didn't think she would ever lose that sucker.

She also when to the doctore for her one month check up. She is 9 lbs. even and 21 1/2 inches long. She got her 2nd dose of hep. B. She took that shot really well. Didn't fuss too much at all.

Bethany is even beginning to smile a bit. You just have to catch her when she is the right mood. We managed to get a few shots of our lil' supermodel posing with her brand new smile!

Monday, July 9, 2007

I'm a cutie!

I keep insisting on scratching my face....the mitts are supposedly to help me from drawing any blood!

1 Month Old!

I turned 1 month on Saturday. We celebrated by having a yummy breakfast at Gma's & Gpa's (too bad I don't have teeth yet!) . Then the boys worked on our house a bit. Here I am supervising Daddy on a tall ladder painting the remaining trim on our house. Mommy's job was too set the bones in case he fell...that would've been cheaper than the paramedics! So long Barney-purple...hello normal white.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Baby Sir Kicks-a-Lot

I love to kick my cute lil' legs!
That explains why Momma complained so much about sore ribs a few months ago!

Pretty in Pink!

Here's Bethany in one of her first dresses. Isn't she adorable!