Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Cory!

Sunday was Cory's Birthday! He turned 29 years old. As you can see, there was a theme for the birthday celebration...Simpsons! Cory got tons of great stuff. The best gift probably was the opening of the Simpson's Movie this weekend. He ended up seeing it at a Sneak Preview (for free!) last Thursday! Isn't he a lucky duck! He got the tickets for being quoted in Friday's Post Dispatch in the Biggest Fan Simpson Article. See below:

Here are is a sample of the pictures that Cory took and submitted to the Post. They published the first one. Please know that we don't keep the Simpson's room this cluttered. Cory dragged all of the Simpson's merchandise out of their proper places and placed them all on the dresser and bed to really emphasize the enormity of his collection! I was dumbfounded he had so much stuff!


robin said...

Happy belated birthday Cory. I thought of you today while I was at Burger King. They have Simpson's stuff everywhere.