Friday, July 27, 2007


This is a picture of our lil' fussy butt. She usually gets pretty fussy most evenings for an hour (or heaven forbid--2 hours). The last three days Bethany was with her grandma and was drinking more formula than usual, since we had training for work. After having her drinking more formula we noticed that her diapers weren't coming out all peaches -n-creme. We called the doctor and set up an appointment.

We have learned that what we saw in the diaper was, in deed, blood. So, our lil' fussy butt is allergic to milk. What does this mean, you ask? Well, it means a couple of things. Instead of the normal "cheap" formula, we will have to get her the more expensive formula. It's the most expensive formula on the shelf, about 2.5x's that of normal-people formula. Also, it means I will continue nursing for as long as I can. This means that I need to eliminate all dairy out of my diet...cheese included! What is a life without cheese, I wonder. My original plan was to nurse until the commencement of school, but we will continue as long as she needs. I will just need to find a place and some time to pump at work.

We are hoping that with the elimination of milk in her diet completely, her diapers will return to normal. Also, we are hoping that will cause her bouts of fussiness to become a distant memory!

So, that is the latest and greatest news on our lil' pumpkin. Oh, yeah! She was weighed in at 10 lbs exactly yesterday! That's up 1 lbs from 2 weeks ago! Good for her!


Abbie said...

I'm sorry to hear about all of that. I feel you on the loss of cheese, though.

If it's any consolation, some babies do outgrow their dairy allergies. Eventually. But that doesn't help you now.

robin said...

Formula is outragously expensive. We use Parent's Choice (the Wal-Mart brand) and saved a lot of money. Lucy did really well on it, no tummy trouble.