Tuesday, July 31, 2007

All Wiped Out!

We had a busy weekend this past weekend. Bethany went on her first picnic this weekend with the Milles family to celebrate our cousin's graduation from the 8th grade! We then went to the mall for super sales at JC Penny's. I was able to buy a bunch of clothes for work for only $50, my reciept said if I paid full price I saved $230! We then went to my folk's house to visit some relatives who were in from out of town. As soon as we got home, Bethany was out! We were proud of our lil' stinker though, she sleep Saturday night all the way until 5 am! That was a record! She slept until 5 that past two nights as well. We are feeling very blessed! That is when we have to get up for when work starts!


Anonymous said...

That's my bargain-hunting, deal-nabbing girl. Way to shop! TW