Sunday, March 30, 2008

Upside down!

Daddy likes holding me upside down. I find it hilarious!
From this picture you can see my 3 bottom teeth. I got my two front teeth and one on the left of them. I also have 2 teeth peeking in from the top. But they aren't my 2 front teeth. It is one front tooth and one on the left of it. I am just an odd duck, not aren't I!


Bethany loves BOOKS! She has tons of toys that are always out and waiting to be played with. However, she always goes to her books. She gets them out of the basket and flips through them. She loves to take one book and push it around with her as she crawls around the house. It is rather cute! I think we will put away the toys and just keep the basket of books out. No need for the toys to collect dust! :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Today was my first Easter.
It was great. I started off 1 in the morning with a party in my crib. My teeth were bothering me, so I *politely* informed the folks. Daddy took care of me. HE IS THE BEST at middle of the night loving! Once we got up for good we let the Easter celebrations begin. First we went to church. It was a GREAT service. I learned all about Jesus and his resurrection. I also learned this will be the earliest Easter in my lifetime. The next time it is this early it will be 2200(something) After church we noticed that the bunny of all Easter celebrations came. I got a fun basketful of books and blocks. The blocks are pretty happening. They are clear and have fun things inside to look at. Mom and I were both pretty impressed with them.

Need a boost?

I got this cool booster seat today. Now I can go & eat at other people's houses and not get into everything while the folks are eatting. We tested it out today at Grandma's and Grandpas. It works GREAT! (do note that it doesn't really go on the table. This is just a trial run!)

All in a Day's work!

Here is a typical day in the Milles household.

What should I read? A Michael Crichton book or should I brush up on my Japanese. Perhaps, I should play a few rounds of soduku.

Crawling in circles around the stair case.

Good Grief. This wasn't here a couple of days ago. Perhaps, it should be known as the "Gate of wrath."

A Mess! My mission is accomplished. I successfully made a mess out of the living room and then my attention was diverted to something else & I abandon my post.

After a long walk around the neighborhood, I am wiped out. Instead of risking waking me up and taking me to my crib, my mom let me finish off my nap in my stroller. Notice how I sit. I love propping my feet up. After all, I am Princess Bethany!

Friday, March 21, 2008

It's a tie!

I caught wind of Mommy's post yesterday! How dare she claim to be the boss. want to know what I did? I woke up EXTRA EARLY! That will show her!
Score: Mommy: 1 Baby: 1
(but I do think I should get an extra point for taking off my socks three times in a row...but she just put shoes on me...phewey!)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Baffling Binkie Behavior

We've been cleaning out some of Bethany's old things that she doesn't need anymore. She found a binkie. She abandoned all her binkies when she was about 2 to 3 months old. If you notice...she has NO clue how to work the binkie. Who know that they were all that difficult. But, evidently, they do require a little skill to maneuver properly! ;o)

So...just who IS the boss?

The last time Bethany will ever pull down these baskets *hopefully*!

Since we have the week off...we got to spend more quality family time together. It's been a blast! However, Bethany has since decided that it is even more blast-ful if we pull things off the shelves. So this is documentation of Bethany's LAST time pulling those baskets off the shelves. We have been working on this new word...perhaps you've heard of it. It is called "No." So everytime the little stinker went to the baskets she, of course, heard no. And was moved to her toys (which are plentiful and more FUN than baskets). After about 3 times of this game. She went to her baskets again. This time...all it took was the word, "No". And she left. She was done! :)
Score: Mommy: 1 Baby: 0!
So...for looks like Mommy's the boss!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Is this really necessary? Spikes???

Monday, March 17, 2008

My 1st Easter Celebration

Hey! And you all thought Easter came early this year. I got to celebrate it a whole week before the rest of you all. Grandma and Grandpa Milles got me this awesome easter basket. I am so lucky!

My first Car Keys!

What's Easter without a bunny on your head!

Hey...that's my blankie!

All this for me?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Mommy caught me dancing with Daddy. He is a pretty good dancer. We love dancing to happy-up-beat music! It just makes me giggle like crazy. I do have to admit, I've got it good when it comes to daddies. Daddy helps take care of me and the house. He is the one that feeds me my 5 am bottle. He helps change my diaper, he does the dishes and laundry. When it comes to daddies...I've got 1 in a million!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Update: Stats, Teeth and Stairs

Stats: I went to my 9 mo. doctor's appointment today. It was fantastic. Here is what I learned.

  • Weight=18 lbs and 11 oz
  • Height=27 inches
  • Head=18 inches

I also am allowed to start trying out table food. So, that is pretty exciting! I am really going to enjoy being adventurous and trying Mom's & Dad's cooking!

The best news is that I am allowed to try the cheaper formula. The doctor says we can try the soy for a month then try the normal-baby formula until I am one! So this is pretty exciting. We are just praying that this formula change won't hurt me like it did in the beginning!!!!

Teeth: I have gotten my third tooth. So now I have 3 teeth on bottom. Mom likes to call me a "three-teeth-freak". I don't think that is very nice. Perhaps soon I can grow another tooth to provide some symmetry in my mouth.

Stairs: Ladies and Gents...I have found the stairs case to heaven. Well, not quite heaven. But I did find the staircase to the upstairs. I have successfully climbed it to the top once. With Mommy following me the whole way up. Now whenever I get of out my parents' sight the run after me to make sure I am not going up the stairs. They have tried a couple of baby-gates...but with our banister they just don't work.

Easter Bunny

This is with 2 of my cousins. I am just about to break out and cry. Why would anyone in their right mind place their precious child in the hands of a hairy stranger? This is such a wierd practice! I hope that I at least get a decent Easter Basket out of this deal!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Foiled Plans!

Daddy installed these silly locks inside the cabinets. How am I to get in their now??? Notice the cabinets to the lock of an external lock, too. That is doubly-locked! What goodies hide in there I wonder. Hmm...I can't wait until I have better dexterity to find out what is now being held captive by these small pieces of plastic!

Mommy's 7!

Mommy had her 7th birthday Friday. We celebrated by Mommy and Daddy taking off work.

They got to go see a Movie. I got to hang-out with my Granny. It looks like she had a great birthday. Although, I heard her refer to it as "Week of Jo Ann". She used it to get her way with everything...saying since she doesn't have a birthday every year she gets to milk it when she does. I wonder if **I** could get away with a "Week of Bethany!"

What am I subjected to?

D'oh! I can't believe Simpsons are on again!

It is bad enough we own 6 seasons of the Simpsons, a Simpson-themed guest room, a Simpson's bathroom and a life-sized cut out of Homer....BUT I know must be subjected to playing with a Homer!!!
(Truth be told....Bethany LOVES watching the Simpsons on TV. When the music comes on she will make sure she has a clear view of the tv. It is amazing how her body can contort in order to get a glance. Of course, soon we will have to turn it off so she doesn't repeat what she hears--so don't worry!)