Friday, March 14, 2008

Update: Stats, Teeth and Stairs

Stats: I went to my 9 mo. doctor's appointment today. It was fantastic. Here is what I learned.

  • Weight=18 lbs and 11 oz
  • Height=27 inches
  • Head=18 inches

I also am allowed to start trying out table food. So, that is pretty exciting! I am really going to enjoy being adventurous and trying Mom's & Dad's cooking!

The best news is that I am allowed to try the cheaper formula. The doctor says we can try the soy for a month then try the normal-baby formula until I am one! So this is pretty exciting. We are just praying that this formula change won't hurt me like it did in the beginning!!!!

Teeth: I have gotten my third tooth. So now I have 3 teeth on bottom. Mom likes to call me a "three-teeth-freak". I don't think that is very nice. Perhaps soon I can grow another tooth to provide some symmetry in my mouth.

Stairs: Ladies and Gents...I have found the stairs case to heaven. Well, not quite heaven. But I did find the staircase to the upstairs. I have successfully climbed it to the top once. With Mommy following me the whole way up. Now whenever I get of out my parents' sight the run after me to make sure I am not going up the stairs. They have tried a couple of baby-gates...but with our banister they just don't work.


robin said...

I like your new layout. We had trouble getting gates to work with our stairs too. We ended up getting the kind you screw in an Jon had to use spacers to get them to fit.

Milles Family said...

We have considered using a shock coller. But perhaps we will do the kind that screws in. Did you screw it into the wall or into the banister?

robin said...

LOL...I have considered a shock coller to get the dogs to stop barking, but never for Lucy. He screwed the hinge into the wall and then the latch to the banister. It's not the prettiest, but it sure beats running to the stairs every five minutes.