Thursday, March 20, 2008

So...just who IS the boss?

The last time Bethany will ever pull down these baskets *hopefully*!

Since we have the week off...we got to spend more quality family time together. It's been a blast! However, Bethany has since decided that it is even more blast-ful if we pull things off the shelves. So this is documentation of Bethany's LAST time pulling those baskets off the shelves. We have been working on this new word...perhaps you've heard of it. It is called "No." So everytime the little stinker went to the baskets she, of course, heard no. And was moved to her toys (which are plentiful and more FUN than baskets). After about 3 times of this game. She went to her baskets again. This time...all it took was the word, "No". And she left. She was done! :)
Score: Mommy: 1 Baby: 0!
So...for looks like Mommy's the boss!