Sunday, March 23, 2008

All in a Day's work!

Here is a typical day in the Milles household.

What should I read? A Michael Crichton book or should I brush up on my Japanese. Perhaps, I should play a few rounds of soduku.

Crawling in circles around the stair case.

Good Grief. This wasn't here a couple of days ago. Perhaps, it should be known as the "Gate of wrath."

A Mess! My mission is accomplished. I successfully made a mess out of the living room and then my attention was diverted to something else & I abandon my post.

After a long walk around the neighborhood, I am wiped out. Instead of risking waking me up and taking me to my crib, my mom let me finish off my nap in my stroller. Notice how I sit. I love propping my feet up. After all, I am Princess Bethany!


robin said...

The gate looks good. Lucy did that with her feet too! Now they are too long.