Monday, November 10, 2008

Showing Off!!

We just wanted to take a few seconds to show off all of Bethany's amazing abilities. First off, is her amazing communication skills. Well, what do you excpect when you have brilliant parents like hers! The "experts" say she should be able to say 10-15 words by 17 months old. Well, below is a list and it is above average...of course! The "Can Say" list includes words that she will say on her own at the appropriate time. The "Will Repeat" list she will repeat after you on a pretty consistent basis...but she has never said them at the appropriate time unprompted. The "Made-Up Words" are her words that are in her Bethanize language. She uses these all the time!

Then finally, we have the words she'll Sign!

I am sure there are other words that I am forgetting. I've been working on this list all day long. Bethany is also able to sing along to 4 of the songs on the Elmo cd that she insists we listen to in the car...every car ride. It is really cute to listen to her sign along.


She also makes a little good mama...carrying for her baby. Here she covered Babeee with a bib.

We are still working on proper baby-carrying techniques. I don't think this would fly with a human baby...I will leave all baby-carrying responsibilities to Cory and I when the new baby comes!!!