Saturday, February 7, 2009

I need...

Can you figure out what she is saying...


Cory and I really have been working on our listening & critical thinking skills this past week or two. Bethany has started blurring all of these so-called-words together, expecting us to understand what the heck she is talking about. We have finally figured out what the little girl is trying to communicate to us. She used to say "noi" when she wanted something. Now it is, "I heheNee **insert object here****. " This all started with apples. "I hehehypal" We were wondering why she was thinking she was hyper. But after awhile, we realized she wanted apples. Now we are getting used to her blurred sentences. I did feel guilty for a while there not knowing what she was saying. We tell her to use her words instead of whining & when she was using her wasn't making much of a difference as I didn't know what in blazes she was saying.

Good thing we are learning just as quickly as she is! :)