Monday, February 16, 2009

A President's Day of Change!

This President's Day brought Great Change to the Milles Household. First off, we changed Bethany's diaper like half-a-dozen times. So that is a pretty significant change...but that isn't a change that is worthy of post on the blog. are the real changes that are pretty significant in our little lives.
Change 1: BIG GIRL BED!
While Bethany and I were out to lunch with Grandma today, Cory got busy rearranging Bethany's furniture from her baby room to her Big Girl Elmo Room. As soon as she saw her bed and all her furniture in her room, she laid down in her bed ready for her nap. Cory had a couple last minute things to fix up in her room, so we went to play for a bit. When he was all done, Bethany went straight down for her nap. We figured that was one thing...the real test will be tonight. However, we went through our evening routine: Homer on tv, upstairs, book, bed. This time she wanted to be cuddled a little bit more than she usually does, but right now she is upstairs in her big girl bed for the first night!!! Cory did report that she was still playing with her glow-worm...but hey...she is in her bed. What more can we ask for. I was so worried about this transition & it turns out to be no big deal. What a big girl! I am so proud of her!
Change 2: Bethany's First Haircut!
We went to the "Hairy Elephant" today to get Bethany's hair cut for the first time. Her bangs were driving me nuts. I am sure if she was able to articulate her frustration of having hair in her eyes 24-7...then I could say they were driving her nuts too! She was such a good girl during the hair cut. She got to sit in a little car & watch Elmo, while the nice lady went to town on her hair. The beautician was so good with Bethany...even with the applesauce in her hair! (Dinner always ends up in Bethany's hair somehow!!!)

Here is Bethany's first picture right after her hair cut.
Notice the cute butterflies in her hair!

She even got to play after the hair cut. That is pretty exciting in Bethany's opinion. She didn't want to leave...AT ALL!! She made that abundantly clear to all in hearing range! :o)
Change 3: Bloomin' Violet!
After having this flower for a couple of years, it is finally blooming again. It hasn't bloomed since the original flowers fell off, it has been a blob of green leaves that Bethany likes to pluck off. Finally, one brave lil' flower decided to join our family. I was so surprised to see it, I figured I'd share it with the world! :o)


Abbie said...

I have the worst luck with African violets.