Thursday, February 19, 2009

Big Girl Bed Update

Ok. So there are no pictures...but you'll survive! Here is the update on Bethany's transition to the big girl bed since her first night there Monday.

As Cory was taking out trash from the newly defined "baby's room" upstairs, Bethany follows him in and points to the crib and says, "Night-Night." He gently tells her that the crib is now Baby's bed and she will sleep with Elmo in the Big Girl bed. Then get ready for bed, she has no desire to go to her big girl bed. Bethany and I lay down together we read our 2 books, say our prayers, and sing songs along with glow worm. As we are laying there, her hold on me becomes tighter and tighter. She is snuggling me in a way that makes me puddy in her lil' hands. I tell her "one more song" with the glow worm. The song ends, I give her a kiss and tell her night-night. She screams the loudest, blood-curdelingest scream there is. I leave her feeling horrible. Cory rushes upstairs thinking she fell out of bed and was in immense pain. Good News: her crying lasts only 30 seconds or so. She quickly got over being left alone and plays another song on the glow worm herself & falls asleep!

We go through the routine: 2 books, prayers, a few songs on the glow worm. We say good night to everything in the room & I get up from the bed. She only whimpers softly as I leave. (Still knowing that this breaks my heart to hear her even whimper!)

Thursday...routine again...2 books, prayers, a few songs. We say good night and that is that. She rolls over. Grabs her blankie and sucks her thumb. She is adjusting to this whole big girl thing rather smoothly.

I am very proud of her. Especially since earlier in the week, she didn't want to sit in the bed to put on her shoes because (of what I assume) is to be bad associations with the bed. Now she sat on it to look at books after bath time. I suppose it just takes a few days to adjust to a whole big bed and a whole new room. I am glad she'll be used to the big girl bed well before Baby2 comes I am sure the presence of Baby2 will be a big enough adjustment in itself!!!! Although, Bethany does hear about Baby2 pretty often. Yesterday she lifted up my shirt to try to give Baby2 her blankie by pushing it into my crazy-looking belly button. She was soooo sweet, "Babeee, Blankiee???". How about that for a good big sister!?!?!