Saturday, March 26, 2011

Unique Dadda

The other day I read something on Facebook that made me sad.  A friend's husband wrote something along the lines of "Wife and Kid free this weekend! Here's to being a Bachelor." Then friends responded as they tend to do. One of the responses said something like, "...unfortunately I do have my son this weekend." 

Man! How does that resonate with you?  With me, it makes me feel so sad for the wives and children of those guys. Why would any man be happy to be away from the love of his life and away from his own flesh and blood.

I am so absolutely blessed to have Cory.  God must have known something I didn't when he was playing lil' match maker wait...nearly ten years ago.  He knew I needed a man that would be an active dad. A dad who knew how to change diapers, prepare favorite meals, give baths, do laundry and be true partner to me.  Cory is such a wonderful dad to these two lil' boogers.  I don't think I have ever heard him say anything in regards to being grateful that we aren't around. He actually hates being away from us all.  Perhaps Cory isn't like the normal guy. Okay. Actually, that isn't any new. Cory isn't your typical guy. 
And because of that I love him more than words can say.