Monday, March 7, 2011

Author in our Midst!

We have an author in our midst.  Cory has written three (well, four) books now.  This week, Cory received a proof copy of the third-draft of  "Light & Dark" in the mail.

Having read all his books, I've got to say "Light & Dark" is the best one yet.  I really think this one has great potential in being picked up by an agent & getting published sometime soon.  This is the second book he is making available to our students. Man, it is amazing to see him get students so enthusiastic to read and provide real, timely feedback.   I am just so proud of him for not only writing hundreds of pages of amazing plot twists and surprises; but I am proud of Cory for once he puts his mind to something, he sticks to it & produces quality work!

If Border's weren't closing...I'd bet good money saying he would've been on their shelves in the next five years!