Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bethany Takes on the Pledges

Bethany is certainly learning a lot in preschool. The other night she grabs Owen's bible and start saying the Pledge to the Bible. Then she segways into the Pledge of Alligiance. It turns out she knows these two and there is the Pledge to the Christian Flag, which she doesn't quite have down.  Really after looking up the words, who can blame her.  I had no clue she was learning these pledges. She knew them better than some of my students.  I was pretty impress at just how much information this little brain of hers can store.  I decided to capture the pledges Bethany-style.

Man, did that put a smile on your face? She is just too adorable. You gotta love the way she says "Indivisible."

Seriously. She. Is. Adorable.