Monday, September 20, 2010

I love my kids!

I just love who these two wee ones are becoming.  They are such little people. Not the Little People who pop in and out so conveniently in their plastic cars.  But these guys are real people, just the miniature variety.

Bethany is such a smart cookie. She loves her school and loves learning. She has such a great memory.  She is a bit shy; while she likes to try new activities and do new things, she is still a little hesitant at first.  I have noticed a new lil aspect to her personality emerging. She is a little instigator.  While she isn't a terrible risk taker, she does not mind, at all encouraging lil' Owen's inappropriate behavior. 

Owen is a bit different from the rest of us. A side from the obvious physical difference of the ear-to-ear scar, I am thinking that Owen is becoming a little social butterfly.  I think he missed the Memo saying we are people that typically keep to ourselves.  Seriously, think about it,  Cory is pretty reserved and a homebody. I am pretty reserved and not too terribly social. Bethany is demonstrating behaviors that sort of align to Cory's and my reservations toward being too overly social at various activities and events. But this Owen.  He is different.  The person he is becoming is a lil socialite.   He doesn't mine grabbing someone else's hand at church and showing them around or going up to a person he's met only once and asking for "up". 

Who is this kid?

I am not quite sure exactly who he will become......but I am loving watching these become the little people that they were meant to be.