Monday, August 30, 2010

guilty as charged

Okay...I am totally guilty of something awful. Something extremely, heinously awful.  I would say a crime against these two lil' boogers.

I mean, as a mother, I am supposed to wish the best for my children. I am supposed to want them to be perfect in every way possible.

But really, I don't.  Some of my kids' imperfections just tickles my fancy too much.  There is no way I am going to purposely guide them toward perfection when these little quirks are just so darn amusing.

Wanna know what I am talking is all about some of the things Bethany says. 

Seriously, she cracks me up with some of her words. I decided to share with you some of my favorite Bethanisms that I just can't bare the thought to correct. (Of course, while I don't necessarily always correct her words...I always talk correctly around her and don't model incorrect English--well...I don't purposely model incorrect English, but I am not the one here who is a Comm. Arts teacher.)

My Favorite Bethanyisms:

-Strawberry: What she cause bruises, because her first major bruise that she was completely cognizant of was a few months back. It actually did look like a strawberry.  So now, she calls all bruises strawberries. Funny!

-To-mar-ner: Tomorrow.  She's always said it this way. I love it.  If it is just Cory and I around, we typically say to-mar-ner to each other. But we try to say it correctly around the Bee.

-Snoking: Smoking. Hehehehe! Snoking? Seriously?!? If you don't get how cute that is...just say it outloud. Then say something like, "Ew! He's Snoking. That's 'guisting!" don't you get how cute that is?

-Snoothie: Smoothie. See above.  Something about that "Sn-" sound that I just get all giggly about.

-'Rupt: Interupt. As in, "Don't 'Rupt, Dad. I was talking to Mom."

-Yesterday: Any Day in the Past.  If you listen to her stories long enough, you'll hear all the things we did yesterday. You'll soon think that yesterday we were crazy, busy people being that you would've heard of like a million things that we did "yesterday" that range from: being sick, going to the zoo, having a birthday party, going to church, and being frustrated. 

So I totally know what she is talking about 99.9% of the time. But  there is the .1% of the time that I am a little puzzled and have to keep asking a million questions to understand what she is saying. (i.e. the first time she said 'rupt totally threw me).  I just wonder what all the other folks in Bethany's life think of when they hear her talk. Hopefully they find it is amusing as I. Or perhaps, it is only me that is an evil, mean mother that finds guilty pleasure in her lil' girl's mishaps!


GodLoveandBows said...

Your blog is so cute! Bright and colorful.

May God bless you! <3