Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Girl and Her Preschool

So once upon a time there was a girl...who turned three and is "independently toilet trained."  Her parents enrolled her at preschool in a local Christian Academy.

Her teacher sent the lil' girl a picture to color.  I'd say she did an awesome job. She was really trying to separate the different portions of the pictures by coloring them different colors. This is the first time she really tried that. :O)  Really she is pretty gifted. I would say that she is the next Picasso...but really which three-year-old couldn't be the next Picasso.  He is just the only artist I could think of at this moment...

After she put the finishing touches on her picture, she packed up her backpack with all of the school supplies that she'd need for the year.  Yes, that is a Mario backpack. And, yes, she picked it out all by herself.  Perhaps an affinity to video games is genetic. We are checking on that...

She meets her teacher a couple of days before the official start of preschool. She couldn't be more smiley!

After dropping of school supplies and meeting Mrs. S., we got to partake in a picnic lunch with all the early childhood and elementary kiddos and their famlies. I gotta tell you, the picnic was very refreshing. While we didn't know a single soul there, it was 100% clear that it was like one big, happy family.  You know, one big family from those 50 tv shows....before nearly every family had a largely dysfunctional branch disfiguring a typically beautiful family tree.

At the picnic the Lil Girl met a Lil Boy. They happen to be in the same class.  The boy calls the little girl, "My Girl."  Looks like the Little Girl's first love has some competition.

Finally the big day comes.   The little girl runs down and grabs her breakfast out of the fridge before all of the eye crusties have even been wiped out of their crevices.   She carries it around the house the entire time while she gets dressed, brushed and shoed.

Finally, the little girl arrives at preschool. She would happen to be the first kid there.  And she'll likely be first for a while longer as we work far away from home.  

When all is said and done the Little Girl will report out with a lot of prompting that in preschool she:
     --pooped in the potty
     --doesn't like jelly with peanut butter
     --learned Jesus Died
     --gets to nap on a bouncy bed.

Sounds like pretty valuable lessons for a 3-year-old.  Although we practiced what to order for lunch. I told her she'll like the cheeseburger best. Doesn't surprise me she ordered PBJ. Too bad she doesn't like PBJ. She has never liked PBJ...but oh does she long to be like every other American child being in love with PBJ sandwiches. But, I guess, some things are just not meant to be.

It is hard to believe that the Little Girl is in Preschool already. I mean, she was just born like what two or three days ago, right.....