Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back At It.

So today was the last day of summer vacation  It was a rather uneventful day. Which is fine. But it was still the last day off, none-the-less.  I am really going to miss looking down and seeing this little guy at my side (all the time)!

This summer didn't quite go as I envisioned back in the cold winter days--when all I could do is to dream of June and July.  I pictured a tantrumless, potty training session thinking that it would be a rather quick process.  I pictured the lil' man just walking and running around crazy having a completely carefree time.  

Little did I know that potty training would include a few scream-fests from our favorite three-year-old and that it would last a good month and a half.  Nor did I realize that Owen would take his time learning to walk with a nice last-minute little vacation to Children's Hospital for a sweet skull reconstruction.   Then there are all of the happy images from our first-ever family vacation I dreamed of...yeah...that never quite came in to fruition.

So, what if summer didn't go as planned. The end result is the same regardless. Bethany is 100% independent potty trained (or toilet learned...if you are one of those people).  Owen eventually started to walk.  The way I see it, he just wanted us to feel a little on edge as he waited to really start walking the week after his major head surgery. Nothing says stressful as a unsteady, toddling toddler with a fresh incision going ear-to-ear.

But, man, I am going to miss these babies tomorrow.  It is so sweet to see the lil' girl who "isn't tired" asleep during one of her "just one more shows".

We are so blessed to be home two months out of the year. It is just hard to believe that these months are over. True, I won't miss overhearing their preferred method of communication. Seriously...that screaming and screeching can make Mother Theresa lose her cool. It is so unnerving to hear. While Bethany knows better, it is Owen who instigates it and Bethany just perpetuates the screaming so that it can reach its fullest decibel level.

Wish everyone luck as we go on our various ways tomorrow.  This will be Owen's and Bethany's first time being separated as she goes off to preschool soon and Owen is back to our sitter. We will just be saying a few extra prayers for our sitter's hearing to survive Owen's horribly deafening sound waves.  

Good news is that we have just three work days this week and then a nice weekend to spend time the babies.  Lord knows that I am going to be needing to get in extra snuggles and hugs...regardless if it results in a little screeching and screaming.


Meghann Gehring Turnquist said...

'Toilet learned'?!? Must be from the same people who insist on 'pretzel style' as opposed to 'Indian style'.