Thursday, August 5, 2010

Games, Games, and more Games

Summer's winding down.  The past few days we have been playing a lot of games.

This past weekend, Cory noticed there was a Wii Games 2010 event at the Galleria.  We packed up the kids and headed down to join in the fun.  

We got to take our picture next to some famous celebrities.

At the Wii Games, you sign up and get to play games for free.  Sometime you enlist help from your "are tricky".

As you play, you earn stickers. You can cash them in for this awesome Yoshi!

Later, we played more games with Grandma and Grandpa at Incredible Pizza in honor of Cory's 32nd Birthday.  

The two lil' kids had tons of fun.  The pizza was delicious and there was LOTS to do.

Finally, Bethany has getting old enough to play games at home with Daddy.  She calls them her "Bethany Games". As the little character on the screen looks just like her. She loves spending that special time with her daddy.

If you know anything about know it is we love our games here. It is a blast now that we have a kid finally old enough to join in the fun.