Thursday, July 29, 2010

how to....

Is your husband about to have his 32nd birthday? And you don't know how to celebrate it? Well, good thing we've been through that exact same situation.

Here are 13 steps telling you How to celebrate your Husband's 32nd birthday:

1) Find a crazy recipe to try out on the husband for his birthday cake.

2) Enlist the help of your favorite 3 year-old to cook this awesome cake. Also...since the cake has SIX layers, you may also have to beg and plead w/ your neighbors to obtain more cake pans. Then, once you got their cake pans, you'll probably need to be envious of how cool those pans are compared to yours. Man, why or why did we register for the cheap ones 7 years ago????

3) Make the cake.  While making the cake totally impress the three year old with your ability to make white cake suddenly appear different colors!!

4) Bake the said cakes.  Remembering that since you are putting less cake mix in each pan, that your must be extra careful not to burn the cakes.

5) Start decorating and icing the cake.  While ripping the foil of the icing container, be sure to spill half of the container of the ground--right in proximity of your 1 year old, that away it won't be too easy for your to clean up when you are competing against the never-satisfied-hunger of a 1 year old.  Then just about die of laughter when the three-year-old comments on its poop-like appearance! :O)

6)  Finish decorating the cake. But first, be sure to ask the 3 year old what her Daddy needs on top of his cake and try your darnedest to fulfill those wishes...then step back and be disappointed in admire your work.

7) Make the husband pose with the cake. Then put up with it when he says that it seems like a silly tradition. But make him pose with the cake anyway because that what you are supposed to do on your birthday dab-nab-it.

8) Attempted a three-quarters family photo...but fail because you can wheel the high chair close enough...but they are still pretty cute anyway.

9) Put all the candles on the cake you can find. Of course, you don't have 32 candles. That's a lot. No one has 32 candles at their house. But put on the 10 magic-reigniting candles that you can find.

Then watch as the husband and three-year-old attempt to blow them out over and over and over again. 

 10) Slice up the cake and hear the husband's surprise when it is rainbow. Then...make him pose with the cake a second time (hehehe)!

11) Feed the Bitty Baby Boy a slice of cake.  Then as you admire his smile think, "forget the cake...I could just gobble him up and all his glorious cuteness!"

12) Continue to watch the 1 year old as he finishes eating the cake and proceeds to rearrange the remnants from his plate to the tray and vice versa.  He is just too funny.

13) Finally, give the husband his birthday present that you weren't supposed to give him b/c you spent a lot of money on his Father's Day present. But you know...what's a birthday without a present.

So there you have it.  That is best way I can think of to celebrate the 32-year-old husband's birthday. Hope you find this helpful!