Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How Many...

So I've been wondering these past couple of days---exactly how many times can my heart stop beating before it neglects to resume its life sustaining pace?

Seriously, this guys scares me to death. 

Of course, his appearances aren't hard on the eyes.  On the contrary, he is rather delicious looking. But what scares me is all of Owen's Toddlerness. Could the Boy NOT learn to walk before his surgery?  This sudden desire to walk now is enough to cause my heart to stop ten times a day. With over a hundred stitches in his head sealing his incision that goes from eat to ear...this is the best time he could think of to learn to walk? What is up with him?

Yesterday, he insisted on walking up the drive to the back of the garage...without holding hands...on concrete...without a protective bubble surrounding every square inch of him. What is he thinking?

Then, this kid has the audacity to walk beneath the kitchen table. Seriously!  Does he not realize that he could bump his head? Does he realize that every time he goes there,  I am pretty sure I am losing a year off my life. Goodness. He. Scares. Me. To. Death!

After a nice stroll under the kitchen table, the kid will go to the toy box.  He'll open it...but, oh no, he won't open it all the way. He prefers to have the lid be resting precariously between the closed position and the completely open position; that-a-way it looks like he is going to hit his head on it once he is done reaching down to retrieve his coveted toy.  Of course while he is doing so, all I can see is him hitting his head & every last stitch popping and blood gushing everywhere!

After play time, it is bath time.  Oh...don't get me started on all the dangers of the bath tub. Man. You have the faucet, the bending-over-and-not-watching-the-side-of-the-tub-as-he-gets-back-up factor. And then...then you have the slippiness of bathtub...don't you see the 10 million possible ways his head could be damaged in the bathroom!?!?  It is enough to raise my blood pressure just thinking about baths!

I am just certain that one of these times I am going to see Owen do something that seems a bit precocious and my heart will stop and fail to resume.

After all, how many more times can I put my heart through this stress?


Meghann Gehring Turnquist said...

This sounds like I'm joking but I actually had this thought: can you make him kind of a makeshift head/hair band type getup out of bubblewrap? It should be lightweight enough to let everything breathe while still protecting his lil noggin.

Nicole said...

Oh his head looks great! It looked beautiful before too:)but it looks like all is going well. Thats great! I would be just like you..stressed and scared.