Sunday, July 25, 2010

All about the Bee!

So I have posted a bunch about the Lil' Man lately...for obvious reasons.  I am feeling guilty for leaving this one out.  In order to rectify that situation, this post is all about our the Resident Princess, Bethany.

Lil' Bethany is doing great this summer. She has completely mastered the art of going potty. Yes, both #1 and #2, thank you very much!  Doing #2 did take about a month and a half to figure out.  I, for sure, saw a side of my lil' girl that I didn't realize existed when we were in the midst of a battle of the doo-doo. If this is any indication of what she is going to be like as a teenager, I am going to start looking for some great boarding schools now.  But back to the toilet training...she is so set that now she wants to be alone when doing the deed.  Seriously...this is the girl that 3 weeks ago wouldn't use any other potty other than her own.  Now is 100% completely independent.  And as for my worries about me being gone during Owen's surgery...yeah...she progressed leaps and bounds that week. Crazy Girl!

Other than learning to use the john, this summer Bethany has done plenty of arts-n-crafts, played out side and gotten in touch with her imagination.  Even to the point of whipping out her Halloween costume again.

She loves to play with her little people toys with her princess castle and the little people house.  The voices she uses are pretty funny. Plus, the things her little people say just crack me up.  And, of course, if one of them says something inappropriate (i.e. shut up), Bethany immediately provides the disclaimer that it was her toy that said it, not her.

She has been great (for the most part) with Owen since he has gotten back from the hospital.  She is very protective of him if other people are around. She even scolded me the first time I washed his hair. " bucket on Owen's head. He has an owie."  But as often as she protects the little man...she also loves to pester him.  If pestering your brother becomes an Olympic sport, I think she'll have a fair shot at the gold.

She starts preschool in three or so weeks.  She is super excited. She is talking about it daily and will draw pictures for school.  She has even started using preschool to con us into buying things for her.   "Oh, I need this for my school. I am a big girl." as she points to a totally useless toy.  Crazy kid.

Her personality is totally a bloom.  She talks like crazy and has an amazing memory.  Things we've done a year ago she'll remember. Seriously...1 year ago...we didn't remind her...we don't have pictures...she'll just tell a story about whatever it was.   Sometimes (actually a lot of times), she'll remember things that I've totally forgotten about. 

Overall, she is an amazing toddler. We are so blessed to have her in our lives. Between her snuggling and her "I Love You, Mom"s...there is nothing better than having a Little Bethany in our lives.