Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Any Guesses?

What did I do today?

Here's your hint:

Still need help?  Let me zoom out for you...

Got it now?

Yup.  You got it. I have 1 less pint of blood flowing through these veins.  Today I went to the local Red Cross Agency to give some of my eewey, gooey, life-sustaining goodness for Owen.   As of today, three people donated blood to Owen--myself, Cory and his Grandma Milles.  Two others tried to give blood, but couldn't for various medical reasons.  We are blessed to have people step up for our lil' guy.

So why this blood for a head surgery? Well, I am glad you asked. As it turns out, Owen will need a transfusion as, you know, once ya get cut open you tend to bleed a lot.  So one week from today we should be sitting in the ICU with our Swollen Owen who will have a rounder head and some of all of our blood flowing through those precious tiny veins of his.

Keep those prayers a comin'.  Pray for Owen that he says healthy and doesn't catch a bug what will interfere with his surgery.  Pray for our nerves as we get closer to the date.  Pray for Owen and his doctors during the procedure. And then...while you are at it....throw in one more prayer for Bethany that she copes well during this whole process.

And after your done praying...call and make an appointment at the Red Cross. You never know when someone you love will need blood.